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Neighborhood Air Defense

Posted by vpcadmin on February 29, 2008

Ah, the NRA and the Gun Blobby loves it when people own destructive military weaponry.

Why, look at this picture of an NRA-approved neighborhood watch assaulting a jetliner carrying hundreds of puppies.

God damn NRA.

That’s just one part of the military manual that recommends using .50 BMG rifles to shoot down aircraft. It even states, “Small arms fire against aerial platforms can be effective.”

But, the Gun Blobbers protest, “In those pictures, they use multiple machine guns. And the manual doesn’t even mention .50 BMG rifles, yet it sees fit to mention using tank guns and anti-tank missiles.” Look, all assault weapons are the same, particularly if the use the same caliber. If that manual says a .30 caliber machine gun can shoot down an aircraft, then, logically, a .30 caliber sniper rifle or assault weapon can perform the same feat. The same goes for the .50 BMG.

“But snipers are highly skilled and trained units,” they complain, “Any hits by a novice would be due to pure luck.” A-ha! So, they admit an aircraft can be hit by ground fire. That means it’s only a matter of time until an aircraft gets shot down.

“But the chances of that happening are like losing an entire plane to a bird strike,” they clarify. Yes, but it can happen. They’ve admitted it. It’s over. Besides, during World War II, the Finns and Russians shot down aircraft using their anti-police rifles anyway.

“But we don’t know all the facts regarding those alleged shoot-downs,” they go on, “They may have shot the pilot, or used high explosive ammo, or it could be propaganda. We don’t know for sure.” Details, details! Details don’t change the facts. At the very least, helicopters face extreme danger from .50 BMG rifles.

To which they respond, “But helicopters are weak as shit. You could knock most down with a large rock. That’s why they have higher loss-ratios than fixed-wing aircraft. If a helicopter is not moving, you can hit the pilot using any sort of rifle.” Silly Gun Blobbers, terrorists aren’t smart enough to aim for pilots, but they most certainly are smart enough to aim for rotors and engines.

“All we’re saying is, it’s not an anti-aircraft gun,” they interject. Of course it is. Shut up.

In closing, don’t be haters. VPC4Life.

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Bob Ricker, Fine American

Posted by vpcadmin on February 29, 2008

It takes a great person to turn on their previous employers, to form a small organization funded by shadowy sources and harangue the NRA for many years without any popular support.

It takes a man of principle to receive instructions from those same shadowy sources and carefully position oneself as a sensible, alternative voice to the NRA for no political gain whatsoever

It takes a true patriot to stand up and say that Americans do not have the right to own firearms save for a purpose determined by the government.

This man is Bob Ricker. We at the VPC Blog support this man.

Hat tip to Schoenke and to Snowflakes in Hell.

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John Browning: Dastardly Mormon

Posted by vpcadmin on February 28, 2008

John Browning.The patron-saint of all Gun Blobbers, John Browning invented numerous firearms and thus is the source of much of the world’s ills. Gun Blobbers idolize him because he represents someone who acted completely sane around firearms. We at the VPC Blog know this is a quality only to found in Law Enforcement Officers, thus his fanatics are deluding themselves.

Here is a sample list of his crimes:

  • Turned a lever-action rifle into an assault weapon. He probably used Black Magic in order to accomplish this feat.
  • From this, he designed the M1895 machine gun, and then the M2 machine gun.
  • The Browning Automatic Rifle. Truly a deadly assault weapon.
  • Created the the M1911 and Browning Hi-Power pistols, frequently used by gangsters.
  • He created six deadly pistol cartridges: .25 ACP*, .32 ACP, .38 ACP, .380 ACP, 9mm Browning Long, and .45 ACP.
  • And, worst of all, he created the .50 Caliber Browning Machine Gun cartridge.

As you can see, he is practically a war criminal. We’ve created a pie graph to display how many deaths are caused by John Browning. Invariably, all deaths are caused either by John Browning or by Glocks.

Proof of Browning’s Evil.Simplified pie graph of John Browning’s crimes.

It is the opinion of the VPC that everything John Browning touched should be destroyed: all guns based on his designs, his ancestral home, and the entire state of Utah. His family, up to three degrees removed, should be liquidated so that his genetic material may never harm society again.

*ACP stands for “Assault Combat Pistol.”

EDIT: Added a second pie graph. This one reduces the number of variables for ease of viewing.

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Gatling Gun Loophole

Posted by vpcadmin on February 28, 2008

The Gun Blobby continues to press deadly military weapons upon our children and nation. No extreme is too outrageous for them. Most disturbing of all is their demand for ownership of Gatling guns.

Deadly .22 Gatling.A “historic” assault weapon.

Doctor Richard J. Gatling invented these monstrosities under the belief that fewer men would die in war. “Guns Save Lives?” What a foolish belief. It, of course, did not work as the U.S. Army realized such contraptions violated the Geneva Convention, thus passed on purchasing any. The sole exception was General Benjamin Butler, but the law caught up him and the U.S. Army executed him after the war.

Imagine if someone made a .50 BMG Gatling gun. They could shoot down an aircraft with great ease. A Barrett Terror Rifle fires at a rate of ten shots per minute. A Gatling Gun can easily fire at six hundred rounds per minute. That’s sixty times the destructive power! To reduce the risk of terrorism, here are a few Reasonable Steps:

  • Outlaw the exportation of Gatling guns.
  • Add Gatling guns to the NFA Registry.
  • Outlaw all types of ammunition used in Gatling guns.

The Gun Blobby goes on and on about how these are outdated weapons that are unlikely to ever be used be terrorists or criminals. Well, terrorism is founded on the principle of doing the unexpected: a rented car is used to run over pedestrians, free speech is used to preach hatred, and trucks filled with deadly hazardous material are attacked. To be perfectly safe, we should outlaw all those other things as well.

What is most important: Our children will thank us for this.

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We’re Number Three!

Posted by vpcadmin on February 28, 2008

For but one day has this blog existed, and we’ve already rocketed up to the third result on Google (search terms: “vpc” “blog”). This can only be bad news for the Gun Blobbers. Fate has decided their movement is fundamentally doomed.

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Assault Weapon Deadliness Chart

Posted by vpcadmin on February 28, 2008

Many of the Gun Blobbers complain that we do not provide an accurate representation of the capabilities of assault weapons. To counter this, we have prepared a chart to explain The Facts to them.

Assault Weapon Deadliness Chart Version 1.0

The shocking deadliness is clearly evident. No doubt the assault weapon known as the “Ruger 10/22” earned its name from its ability to kill twenty-two people for every ten shots fired.

Since the evidence is so clear, we have some Reasonable Steps to reduce gun violence:

  • Limit all firearms to one round or less. (Multi-barrel firearms are forbidden.)
  • Outlaw all handguns.
  • Outlaw all red dot sights, forward grips, barrel shrouds, barrel “monkey’s paw”, synthetic stocks, thumbhole stocks, and extended pistol grips.
  • Outlaw short barreled shotguns. (Barrels now must be over 32″ in length.)

This will definitely reduce crime rates in the inner-city and stop terrorism. Our children will thank us.

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Other Superheroes at Risk due to the .50 BMG

Posted by vpcadmin on February 27, 2008

In our introductory post on the .50 Caliber Terror Rifle, we mentioned that Superman faced certain death due to this weapon. Unsurprisingly, our investigation has revealed that numerous other superheroes can also be killed by this horrific weapon.

The list includes:

  • Wonder Woman
  • Green Lantern
  • Batman — The .50 BMG can surely destroy the Batmobile and Batplane.
  • Spiderman
  • The Incredible Hulk
  • The entirety of the X-Men

This is not a complete list, of course, because virtually every superhero is vulnerable to the Terror Rifle. It would be easier to list superheroes who aren’t at risk; the only one being the Martian Manhunter due to his ability to pass through solid matter. Even then, the Martian Manhunter is still hurt just a little due to the shear power of the .50 BMG.

Sure, the Gun Blobbers may claim that the .50 BMG can also be used to kill evil supervillains as well, such as Red Omega or Juggernaut, but that doesn’t matter. If one bad crime could possibly occur, the weapon should be banned. That is a sensible standard and one the entire nation should adopt.

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Shooting Sports in Decline, Sport of Murder Up

Posted by vpcadmin on February 27, 2008

The Gun Blobbers continue to falsely claim that the shooting sports are as healthy as ever. They claim we mangle the numbers to not adjust for population growth or that telephone polls can’t be trusted.

Well, there is one way to clear up this discrepancy: the Gun Blobbers count murder as part of the “shooting culture.” Their bloodlust is so great, they don’t even bother recognizing a difference between the two. They enjoy the flow of Blood in the Streets; it quenches their thirst.

Hat tip to Jadegold, the Enemy Ahab, and the Hillbilly SayUncle.

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Assault Weapon Auction

Posted by vpcadmin on February 27, 2008

Belatedly, we have learned that the Gun Blobbers have organized an auction of JFK’s M1 Garand. Their desire to put assault weapons on the streets to kill cops shows no bounds. They even dig up the memory of a long-dead President.

The Gun Blobbers also promote the lie that JFK was a lifetime member of the NRA. Sure, he may have actually had a member card, and yes, he may have written a letter to Eugene Stoner praising the M-16 and recommending that all American families purchase one, but Ted Kennedy’s hard work on behalf of sensible gun control certainly proves the opposite. After all, all brothers think exactly alike, thus we can assume that Ted Kennedy speaks for JFK.

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The VPC Blog Endorses Barack Obama

Posted by vpcadmin on February 27, 2008

The VPC Blog proudly endorses Senator Barack Obama (D-Illinois) for President of the United States. Senator Obama, as a board member of the Joyce Foundation, worked to secure funding for many of our associate and compatriot organizations. The Violence Policy Center, the Brady Campaign, The Gun Guys, Cease Fire, and many other useful groups benefited from donations by the Joyce Foundation. To see a full listing of funding, see this chart on Wikipedia.

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