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Assault Weapon Auction

Posted by vpcadmin on February 27, 2008

Belatedly, we have learned that the Gun Blobbers have organized an auction of JFK’s M1 Garand. Their desire to put assault weapons on the streets to kill cops shows no bounds. They even dig up the memory of a long-dead President.

The Gun Blobbers also promote the lie that JFK was a lifetime member of the NRA. Sure, he may have actually had a member card, and yes, he may have written a letter to Eugene Stoner praising the M-16 and recommending that all American families purchase one, but Ted Kennedy’s hard work on behalf of sensible gun control certainly proves the opposite. After all, all brothers think exactly alike, thus we can assume that Ted Kennedy speaks for JFK.

One Response to “Assault Weapon Auction”

  1. LOL – Love it 🙂

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