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Elmer Keith is a Cop-Killer

Posted by vpcadmin on February 27, 2008

The Gun Blobbers put the inventors and engineers of these death machines on a pedestal. They hold Samuel Colt, John Browning, and Eugene Stoner in high regard. In a continuing series, the VPC Blog will examine each of these death makers in turn.

Elmer Keith was a boisterous cowboy and inventor of several deadly types of ammunition. He first invented the .357 Magnum at the request of police officers. The .357 Magnum could penetrate the primitive armor vests worn at the time. This obviously means he wanted to kill cops. The .357 Magnum went on to become one of the most common, and therefore deadly, firearms cartridges around.

Later, Elmer Keith created the .44 Magnum cartridge, an even more deadly form of his .357 Magnum. It went on to star in a series of Dirty Harry films, and kill numerous police officers on the streets.

Keith’s attempts at killing cops inspired many other devious gun makers. One group created the .454 Casull in 1959. This bullet moves so fast that it can penetrate a Kevlar vest. Another group of police “officers” invented a brass bullet to penetrate car windows, yet it could also penetrate Kevlar vests!

On top of this, the dastards invented these bullets before Kevlar vests were even created! How low will the Gun Blobby sink?

Special Thanks to The Gun Guys.

One Response to “Elmer Keith is a Cop-Killer”

  1. James said

    You don’t read much do you. Most guns used are average calibers and not The 357 Mag and 44 mag (which I do carry). Having 30 years as a cop, many guns used are cheap junk of small caliber. They can handle these. They have a hard time controlling the magnums. Besides, criminals are now opting for head-shots, so it really doesn’t matter what they’re carrying. I’ve never read an article from the late, great Elmer Keith about wanting to kill cops either. He’s a man’s man who actually DID something in life; kind of like Teddy Roosevelt.

    So, if you’re going to blog on things like this at least try and inform yourself first. All you’re doing is looking like a moron. Do some decent research like the FBI’s officer shooting database for starters. READ!

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