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Assault Weapon Deadliness Chart

Posted by vpcadmin on February 28, 2008

Many of the Gun Blobbers complain that we do not provide an accurate representation of the capabilities of assault weapons. To counter this, we have prepared a chart to explain The Facts to them.

Assault Weapon Deadliness Chart Version 1.0

The shocking deadliness is clearly evident. No doubt the assault weapon known as the “Ruger 10/22” earned its name from its ability to kill twenty-two people for every ten shots fired.

Since the evidence is so clear, we have some Reasonable Steps to reduce gun violence:

  • Limit all firearms to one round or less. (Multi-barrel firearms are forbidden.)
  • Outlaw all handguns.
  • Outlaw all red dot sights, forward grips, barrel shrouds, barrel “monkey’s paw”, synthetic stocks, thumbhole stocks, and extended pistol grips.
  • Outlaw short barreled shotguns. (Barrels now must be over 32″ in length.)

This will definitely reduce crime rates in the inner-city and stop terrorism. Our children will thank us.

2 Responses to “Assault Weapon Deadliness Chart”

  1. […] lives. It’s also good to see that some intelligent legislators have seen the light regarding pump-action assault weapons. Now, all we have to do is add bolt-action rifles to that […]

  2. David Bratcher said

    You really think that doing this will reduce crimes rates? It won’t. I’m a lefty thats a gun owner. You’ll take guns out of the hands of law abiding people and leave them in the hands of criminals. It doesn’t compute folks. Stop terrorism? How? They already have guns. And sorry, assault weapons are actually a very specifically designed weapon. And there is no such thing as a “pump action” assault weapon. Even if some of this site is done in dark humour or is tongue in cheek, you are not helping yourselves. You don’t sound informed, you sound stupid. The people that read this on the other side of the fence take all this literally and yet again two sides can’t actually communicate, but are just being children and pointing fingers rather than talking. I want some forms of gun control too, but not an out and out ban. Sorry, but this site is truly childish and laughable.

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