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Ronnie Barrett: Insidious Time Traveler

Posted by vpcadmin on March 3, 2008

The Evil Ronnie Barrett; there is no “Good Ronnie”.At last we come to the Master of Disaster, Ronnie Barrett. The “Official History” of Ronnie Barrett is that he created his .50 BMG Terror Rifle in the 1980s for the purpose of long-range target shooting. Carlos Hathcock had promoted the idea, but Barrett built a dedicated platform for the concept. Some people try to excuse this behavior, arguing that “anti-matériel” (in reality, anti-armor and anti-police) rifles have existed for nearly one hundred years.

The World Ends in 2038.The truth is that Ronnie has the ability to Quantum Leap. He went back in time to World War I and invented anti-armor rifles. His rifles were first used by the British to kill snipers advancing under steel plates and later used by the Germans to destroy tanks. Then, throughout the 1920s and 1930s, he invented even more deadly versions of his Terror Rifle. This included the PTRD, the model 35, the Lahti L-39, and many others. These rifles were used to destroy tanks, trucks, and even aircraft during World War II and the Korean War. As deadly as those were, somehow they weren’t deadly enough, and he continued searching for the perfect, even more deadly Terror Rifle.

After the 1968 Gun Control Act (Peace Be Upon It), restricting all firearms above .50 caliber, Barrett’s pyromaniacal desires had to be sated. He influenced Carlos Hathcock to use a .50 BMG rifle, so as to later motivate the military to buy his future rifles. Finally, in the 1980s, Ronnie Barret developed a rifle capable of hitting hard with great range of terror. And, best of all, it was perfectly legal for civilians to own.

Ronnie Barrett’s machinations have largely been successful, and society is paying the price for it. A proper legal response now is to implement numerous cumbersome federal laws upon all gun owners, such as:

  • Halt foreign sales of .50 BMG weapons.
  • Add all .50 BMG rifles to the NFA registry.
  • Bar Doctor Samuel Beckett from ever working on the Quantum Leap project. The Gun Blobbers may argue that this will create a time paradox, but it’s just Common Sense.

Truly, Ronnie Barrett is the Alpha and the Omega of anti-armor rifles. But, if these steps are followed, that can be prevented.

15 Responses to “Ronnie Barrett: Insidious Time Traveler”

  1. Titan6.3 said

    Let us also not forget that .50 caliber rifles have been seized at crime scenes nearly a dozen times in the past 20 years. Also it was almost used in many more deadly terrorist crimes that went unreported due to the fear that Barrett and his flunkies at the NRA would exact revenge.

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  3. Kristopher said

    Does this mean I can Have Ronnie do warranty work on my

  4. Kristopher said

    Does this mean I can Have Ronnie do warranty work on my Lahti?


  5. Ride Fast said

    […] The Dreaded Time Paradox […]

  6. juris imprudent said

    Yes, indeed, outlawing time travel will most certainly contain the dread terror of Ronnie Barrett. The laws of physics might not stop him – but an Act of Congress surely will!

  7. John B. McEwan said

    Could someone tell me please when and where one of these .50 Barrett rifles was actually used in the commission of a crime?

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  12. Chandler said

    You cannot be serious in regards to your articles on Ronnie Barrett. I live near him in Murfreesboro and have met him several times. He is a normal guy, like you or me. I applaud his entrepreneurial spirit. The man was a photographer here many years ago and now has created the most successful business anywhere in Tennessee with the exception of FedEx. Where do you get off drawing him as a devil? Do you not realize that it’s his weapons that are in the hands of allied troops across the world keeping you safe RIGHT NOW? Get a clue, people. I literally saw him an hour ago at a grocery store in Murfreesboro, humble and down to earth as ever. Unreal.

  13. Lyle said

    “Could someone tell me please when and where one of these .50 Barrett rifles was actually used in the commission of a crime?”

    John; Oh, so you want to wait ’till it actually happens before we do something to prevent it? People’s lives are in jeopardy here. Why should we wait, for example, for you to actually kill a child before we arrest you? Wouldn’t it make more sense to arrest you now, and save the child? I doubt you’d agree, since you probably hate children.

  14. Mason said

    lol wut?

    This site is run by trolls and yet you probably influence a lot of politicians which makes me sad.

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