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AHSA Joins Us!

Posted by vpcadmin on March 4, 2008

We can proudly say that the American Hunters and Shooters Association truly understand what the VPC stands for! They know that true hunters don’t need assault weapons or .50 BMG Terror Rifles!

This post by Ray Schoenke at the Huffington Post proves that the AHSA is dedicated against the NRA, constitutionalism, and self-defense. We say, Bravo!

Hat tip to Sebastian @ Snowflakes in Hell.

4 Responses to “AHSA Joins Us!”

  1. matt said

    What is the definition of an assault weapon? Also what is a .50 BMG Terror Rifles. Do you know what BMG stands for?

  2. One_MOA said

    Some far-off day in the future, you and your ilk will understand that rights are not related to needs.

  3. Robert Moore said

    Wow! I thought some of the gun blogs were bad. You folks are vicious!

    Wrote this in response to a letter in one of the gun magazines. It is appropriate here, I think. What is about the color or configuration of some weapons that concerns you so much?

    Regarding Mr. XXXXXXX’s comments in the September issue, I woke up thinking of the growing trend to allow a ban on “assault” rifles. I suppose this is meant to provide an offering to those whose ultimate goal is to ban all guns in hopes of appeasing them. In that regard, I can only say “Good Luck!”

    Then, in an inspired moment, I realized that, indeed, true assault rifles are already banned. The ARs, “black rifles”, AKs and their many variants available to the general public may be scary looking or ugly, but they are in no way “assault” rifles. Nor, by the way, are they “TOYS”! I am a Vietnam era combat veteran, with 22 years of military service, including time in the Florida National Guard. I have an AR-15 under my bed for home protection purposes. More about that later.

    My AR is not an assault rifle. I would no more think of taking that AR-15 into combat than I would taking a car off a showroom floor into a NASCAR race. It is not capable of performing effectively in a combat situation. None of the so called “assault rifles” available to civilians have an automatic fire capability or a three round burst capability that the current military version of the M-16 and its variants have today. I would not even think of “assaulting” an objective without some sort of automatic fire capability. Most of us cannot legally own a real assault rifle.

    Now, about my AR. Why do I need (or more correctly WANT) an AR for protection. Simple. I want it for the same reason many of you want your Garand M-1s or demilled M-14s or M-1As. It is the weapon I became intimately familiar with over 22 years of military service. I know it, inside and out. I can find the selector switch or magazine release instinctively, even in the dark. I KNOW the rifle and trust it implicitly. Yes, it is “scary” looking. If that scariness along with the little red dot helps me get someone out of my house without shooting, great.

    Maybe after banning these weapons, the next goal of the anti-gun folks will be to ban all sniper rifles. If they succeed in that, there goes my 30-06 model 70 with its powerful scope.

  4. Titan6.3 said

    Matt- Everyone on the pro gun control side knows that BMG stands for “Big Murdering Gun”. Some people say that guns don’t kill people but everyone on the side of reasonable gun control laws know that it is not the gun it is the bullet. The .50 BMG is super deadly. It has killed hundreds of thousands of people in various wars and almost killed many people in peaceful time. Just because the terrorists have not used it yet does not mean that we should let them have it! We would not give them nuclear weapons would we? Why should we give them their terror rifle?

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