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A New Deadly Danger

Posted by vpcadmin on March 5, 2008

It has recently come to the VPC Blog’s attention that a new danger is on the horizon: shoulder-fired rifles. Thanks to numerous news reports, we’ve learned that criminals and terrorists use shoulder-fired rifles. Assault weapons and .50 BMG sniper rifles are shoulder-fired as well.

Let us dissect the deadliness:

  • Shoulder-fired rifles provide greatly enhanced accuracy, and therefore deadliness, over grip-only rifles.
  • Shoulder-stocks enable high-recoil rifles such as the .50 BMG rifle to be fired with great ease.
  • Virtually all military weapons have shoulder stocks.
  • Shoulder-fired handguns are banned by the National Firearms Act.
  • In the case of assault weapons, shooting from the shoulder is even more deadly than shooting from the hip.

Continue to watch VPC.org for a forthcoming report on these deadly shoulder-fired rifles. It will give details on the Gun Blobby’s plan and criminal statistics with our usual sort of accuracy. Until then, our only recommendation is that shoulder-fired rifles be outlawed and replaced with pole-mounted “hand cannons” (not to be confused with “pocket rockets“).

Hand cannons are slightly less destructive than Barrett Terror Rifles.

Hat tip to Call Me Ahab and Say Uncle.

One Response to “A New Deadly Danger”

  1. In point one in your list I think you mean “hip-fired bullet hoses” rather than “grip-only rifles”. Bear in mind the “grip-only” rifles generally have a shoulder stock that folds out of the way so that the rifle can be concealed under your shirt – they aren’t completely devoid of the shoulder stock.

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