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Blood in the Forests

Posted by vpcadmin on March 7, 2008

The Gun Blobby wants this Precious Squirrel to die!Not content to merely have blood flowing through the streets, the Gun Blobbers insist on their “right” to carry in National Parks and Forests. They claim that there are numerous threats to visitors from animals and human criminals. We say that no danger is great enough to justify carrying a firearm. Let those crimes occur! Let people be killed and maimed! It’s so important to do this that we have to override prevailing State concealed carry laws.

Some readers may be confused since this contradicts our association with the Freedom States Alliance, a group that supports individual States passing stringent gun control laws in addition to Federal laws.

Let us be clear, the VPC doesn’t care about States’ Rights or Federalism; it’s just about winning. If we can win via a Federal law, then that’s good. But, if we can only get individual States to enact gun control, then that’s acceptable as well. It’s even better if we can screw over those pro-gun States like Montana and Alaska. We hate those States. That’s why the National Parks Gun Ban is so important. It hurts those large western States that have huge areas controlled by the Federal government. And it even hurts cities and suburbs since some National Parks exist within urban areas. That’s a win-win for gun control.

Hate tip to the Gun Guys.

2 Responses to “Blood in the Forests”

  1. […] forests. […]

  2. STAMPS said

    This site rocks ass!!! I have never seen such an indepth blog about BAD ASS GUNS!!! I am a huge collector, have a conceal carry license… and I carry!
    We are the worlds last great hope, and Second Amendment is one of the primary reasons for that!
    God Bless leathal weapons!

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