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Ultimate Pocket Rocket

Posted by vpcadmin on March 7, 2008

The Gun Blobby will never be satisfied until they make handguns so compact and concealable that terrorist groups can sneak attack our fighting men and women, along with our police officers. Behold:

Holy Crap, look at that thing!  Goes right with .50 Caliber Terror Rifles.

Abso. Frickin’. Lutely. Deadly.

The bullet is as dangerous as the gun itself. The caliber is 0.09 inches (2.43 mm). It has a deadly energy level of 0.7154 foot-pounds (0.97 joules). For comparison, an air gun has a muzzle energy of 10 foot-pounds (13.55 joules). And those kill a number of people every year!

We surmise that this tiny “Swiss Mini Gun” would be a perfect accessory to the Barrett .50 Caliber Terror Rifle. Terrorists will undoubtedly carry both for security.

Hat tip to the Gun Guys. Without his good work, we never even would have thought such a gun could be deadly.

2 Responses to “Ultimate Pocket Rocket”

  1. Naf said

    Faux news has done an exposé on this dangerous gun. In their usual highly journalistic manner they detail how such a deadly firearm could be used by terrorist to take over an airplane.


  2. Jac said

    If someone shoots me with one of those and I find out, I’ll kick their ass.

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