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Triangle of Death, Supplemental

Posted by vpcadmin on March 10, 2008

How triangular.  It is reminiscent of the Holy Trinity.  It’s also 160 KB large because we were lazy and didn’t cut out unnecessary information.

Due to popular demand, the Triangle of Death animation has been revised. It now represents a more correct series of events:

  1. The NRA delivers wheelbarrows of cash to the Gun Blobbers. Their filthy lucre typically takes the form of non-sequentially numbered ten-dollar bills. On other occasions, the NRA holds rigged raffles that dole out wheelbarrows of ammunition or Krugerrands.
  2. The Gun Blobbers use the money to buy guns. This helps firearms manufacturers bribe Congressmen for votes on gun control bills. When sober, Gun Blobbers write long, threatening letters and blog posts to their Representatives, hoping to effect change.
  3. Congress passes laws protecting the NRA and its firearm-manufacturing pals. No longer can they be arbitrarily sued in a court of law. [Dammit –ed]

Hopefully, this new triangle makes more sense than the old triangle. Looking back, it was just ridiculous that “corrupt gun dealers” could ever be a vital component of the NRA.

13 Responses to “Triangle of Death, Supplemental”

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  3. Where the hell is my wheelbarrow full of cash?!?!

  4. Brent G said

    My “wheelbarrow full of cash” hasn’t arrived yet either. Have I been dropped from the Triangle of Death cabal?

  5. thirdpower said

    Really. Everytime they send me a check, it’s full of holes and the bank won’t cash it.

    Cash up front or no more propaganda from me NRA!!

  6. Robb Allen said

    I’m thinking it’s time for the Tetrahedron of Terror…

  7. James said

    lol – cool. Great resolution and wonderful animation. In the many times I’ve stood in the halls of Congress, I never realized they were on my side. And I agree – the NRA should oppose gun manufacturers. Companies who make guns are bad for the NRA. BTW, if there is real money in this gun blogging, please tell me where to get it because I’ve been a member of the NRA for 10 years and I haven’t figured out where to pick up my checks yet. That reminds me, I have to renew my membership and probably make a hefty donation.

  8. chris said

    i dunno, i havent gotten mine yet either… i did get a nice wooden gripped multi-tool last week though… would have preferred the cash though

  9. anon said

    Can’t we find some way to implicate the ‘Israel Lobby’? Shouldn’t this be more of a Star of David of Death, with some multi-national capitalist conspiracy at the center, pulling all of the strings?

  10. HerrBGone said

    I’ll second Kevin. I keep sending them cash. Not the other way ’round. I must be doing something wrong…

  11. Windy Wilson said

    I know! For me, too, the cash only goes in one direction.
    How’d you get the multi tool? I get hats. The best I did was a 2 inch folding knife with a blade that was so thin it bent when I tried to peel an apple. I did manage to straighten it so that it would fold up again.
    By the by, do you think anyone is going to conduct a knife buy-back program anytime soon?
    $10 no questions asked would be really keen (what, no smileys?).

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