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A Must-See Documentary

Posted by vpcadmin on March 12, 2008

After the difficult task of searching through our archives, we have unearthed a historical video about assault weapons created by the National Rifle Association itself. This proves once and for all the necessity of the Assault Weapons Ban.

From the May 7, 1994 documentary, “American Sportsman Today”:

In case the video disappears, an alternative link.

If you ask them, the NRA will surely disavow any knowledge of this video. But rest assured, Josh Sugarmann has a copy and knows all about the Gun Blobby’s duplicity. This video formed the cornerstone of the VPC’s strategy; all people interested in reducing gun violence should view it.

2 Responses to “A Must-See Documentary”

  1. dagamore said

    Why does “Rush’s” MP5 look so much like another HK rifle, the one i know as G3? i know SNL cant get any of it right, but still.

  2. Matt said

    “a historical video about assault weapons created by the National Rifle Association itself.”

    This video was created by NBC in New York. They and the VPC obviously know nothing about firearms.

    Almost every single “assault weapon” for sale in the United States is semi-automatic only, which means that it fires only one shot per trigger pull. The firearms in this video are fully-automatic (machine guns). Fully automatic firearms can only be acquired through a very lengthy (3-6 months) FBI background check which involves a $200 tax, fingerprinting, and lots of paperwork, plus you will be unapproved and arrested if you apply as a criminal.

    It is possible for innocent citizens (in most states) to legally own any firearm. It is not possible to legally hunt with any firearm. Most states restrict magazine capacities to 3 to 5 rounds for hunting, not 30 like in this video. Also, I am not aware of any state that allows hunting with fully automatic firearms. Seeing as how fully automatic weapons “climb” quickly from repetitive recoil, making them fairly inaccurate even at short distances, I doubt that anyone would want to use them for hunting.

    Learn the difference between TV satire and real life.

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