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Assault Weapons Guide: Barrel Shrouds and Forward Grips

Posted by vpcadmin on March 13, 2008

The Gun Blobby has designed two deadly features that enable spray firing: barrel shrouds and forward grips. The two are related as both enable the assault weapon’s user to “hose down” a target area while shooting from the hip. This post will perform an in-depth analysis of these two lethal features.

We’re 80% sure this is a barrel shroud.Barrel shrouds are… things. We think the Gun Blobbers grab hold of them to steady their weapons. This enables deadly spray firing by allowing the user to hold the firearm with two hands. Gun Blobbers like to claim that We don’t know why there is a barrel shroud on this gun.  It is certainly not for cooling the barrel.we are confusing shrouds with “handguards” or “heat dissipators”, but we here at the VPC Blog know the truth. The Bullet Hose Study clearly stated that all barrel shrouds are ventilated for heat dissipation so that a user can hold the barrel. Outlawing them is quite necessary; it’s not like criminals are smart enough to wear insulated gloves.

…Let’s move on.

There’s that dastardly forward grip!Forward grips enable the easy carrying and shooting of assault weapons. The Gun Blobbers claim that vertical forward grips are not necessary for assault weapons to operate as machine guns, pointing out that AK-47s and M-16s usually lack them. We say they are liars who are misrepresenting us. If you read the VPC.org Bullet Hose Study, it never said anything about “vertical” forward grips; it just said “forward grips.” That means any sort of gripping surface on the front of the rifle is an assault weapon feature.

It is the opinion of the VPC Blog that all types of wooden and synthetic grips be removed from rifles. Our ideal gun is the 1860 Henry Repeating rifle. It lacks any sort of handguard on the rifle barrel or magazine tube. This results in burns to the user’s hands if he fires too rapidly.

Hot Hands Save Lives.  Let’s hope Gun Blobbers don’t wear gloves.

Without barrel shrouds and forward grips, this rifle can never be an assault weapon. Hot hands save lives.

6 Responses to “Assault Weapons Guide: Barrel Shrouds and Forward Grips”

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  2. John said

    First they came for my barrel shroud, next they came for my oven mitt…

  3. Guav said

    “No! Is Shroud!”


  4. jimkim said

    wht the hell would you want to fire a weapon in the most inacurate
    and least effective manner. From the hip. ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha you crack me up well Ill just have to buy gloves so that I can fire my weapon like you suggest and totally miss every damned thing. as long as they make pipe and some one can find sulfer,salt peter and charcoal there will be guns. The funny thing is I dont own a gun with a shroud but I will tomorrow

  5. JW said

    This was written by a bunch of tree huggin, hippie, pansies!

  6. Are You Kidding said

    This has to be the dumbest thing I have ever read. You VPC people really need to do a bit more research before you allow people like Carolyn McCarthy write gun legislation. You try to write gun legislation about things you have absolutely no knowledge of. You make opinions on facts that you make up. The thing is, “forward grips” have been in use on firearms long before the “assault weapon” concept was even thought of. From what you are saying, the Springfield M1903 Rifle, used in 1917 would be an “assault weapon” because it has a forward grip and “barrel shroud”. In 1917, the concept of an “assault weapon” wasn’t thought of yet. Your senator Carolyn McCarthy admits on a Fox news interview that she doesn’t know what a barrel shroud is. Just Google barrel shroud. And why is “spray firing” so deadly? Last time I checked, in Iraq we have nearly half the amount of troops on the ground as the insurgency does. Last time I checked we are killing more insurgents than insurgents killing American Soldiers. Hmmm… do the Soldiers “Spray Fire”? No! Soldiers are taught MARKSMANSHIP! Just because you can fire a gun from your hip, and in the movies the actor hits everything he aims at doesn’t make it so in real life. The script is directing the bullets. Our soldiers are killing more insurgents because they have ACCURATE FIRE, not “SPRAY FIRING”. Just as the US Marine Corps.
    Pleas keep your stupid anti-gun legislation to your self. Stop trying to take away my 2nd Amendment Rights because a few people are stupid and commit crimes. You wouldn’t like it if we took away your driver’s license because people DWI and kill people. Stop trying to take away our 2nd Amendment Rights.

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