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Internet Gun Sales

Posted by vpcadmin on March 14, 2008

We just plain don’t like them. The whole concept of “firearms commerce” greatly disturbs us. We’ve noticed numerous loopholes that allow a person to purchase firearms without even being seen.

To combat this, several methods of advertising and purchasing firearms should be banned:

  • Inventory listings on websites. See this terrifying example.
  • Also, ban inventory listings from USENET, BBS servers, RSS feeds, email lists, or nailed to telephone poles outside shooting ranges.
  • “For Sale” advertisements in newspapers and magazines. (See gunloophole.com)
  • Newspaper inserts by major gun retail chains such as Cabelas and Gander Mountain.
  • Skyvertising.
  • Telephone orders.
  • Email orders.
  • Fax orders.
  • Mail orders.
  • Payment by check, money order, credit card, or on consignment.

All feature the same loophole as Internet Gun Sales, so all must be shut down. Doing so should definitely reduce straw purchases and purchases made by poor people.

Hat tip to Armed and Safe.

7 Responses to “Internet Gun Sales”

  1. USCitizen said

    Terrifying, indeed!

  2. magnet said

    Yes, we can’t have those damn poor people defending themselves. When we need forced labor it will be harder to force them! If they want defense, they should be born rich and therefore be admitted to the old boys club.

    We should take down the Home Depot and Lowe’s websites as well. You can order straight from them and not even have to have the products shipped to a Federally licensed dealer near you, but STRAIGHT TO YOUR DOOR!! Have you SEEN the scary-looking “tools” those monsters peddle? You could be killed simply strolling down the aisles!

  3. Thomas said

    I don’t believe this website is real (I’m thinking it’s a really bad parody of an anti-gun site?? Please tell me this is the case.)

    Anyway, you can’t buy a firearm over the internet (or any of the other mentioned avenues) and have the gun sent directly to you, without a background check. ALL firearms sales done via the interent (or mail order, phone order, etc.) must have the firearm sent to an FFL (Federal Firearms Licensed dealer) who then has the buyer complete the necessary paperwork and conducts a background check.

    Only then can the buyer take possession of the firearm.

  4. Thomas: no, it’s a really good parody of an anti-gun site.

  5. USCitizen said

    All Internet Sales are processed in face-to-face transactions at the ‘Terrifying Example’ site or other licensed FFL dealers where your purchase can be shipped.

    I hope your shopping experience at Well-RegulatedMilitia.com is a positive one!

    Remember ‘Buy a Gun Day’ on April 15th!

    – USCitizen

  6. USCitizen said

    Oops, That links is Well-RegulatedMilitia.com/FFL

  7. Chris Harrop said

    dear sirs, I’m all for guns, the more in the hands of private citizens the better. Yes, there’s certain risk involved, but those are far less than the dangers a society faces when the government decides who has guns.

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