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Meet the .50s: .50s Around the World

Posted by vpcadmin on March 17, 2008

In order to exhibit the worldwide craze over anti-armor rifles, we at the VPC Blog have produced a colored map to display every country that produces a .50 Caliber Terror Rifle or similar anti-armor (or, as the Gun Blobbers call it, “anti-matériel”) rifles.

The Red Represents Blood.

The list includes a notable set of “rogue states”:

  • Austria
  • China
  • Croatia
  • Czech Republic
  • France
  • Great Britain
  • Hungary
  • India
  • Poland
  • Russia
  • Serbia
  • South Africa
  • Switzerland
  • Turkey
  • USA [Produces more .50 BMG rifles than all other nations combined. Thanks a lot, Ronnie Barrett. — ed]

His horns came in last week.This proliferation of anti-armor rifles can largely be blamed on the infamous Ronnie Barrett (pictured). We all remember his fantastic adventures, don’t we? He inspired and profited from the development of all other Terror Rifles.

The rapid spread of these weapons is why it is so important to halt foreign sales of .50 Caliber Terror Rifles to civilians; there is clear demand for them, therefore terrorists are likely to seek them out and buy them from Ronnie Barrett himself. However, we do not have to worry much about the other countries producing anti-armor rifles. China, Russia, Croatia, and Serbia are much more trustworthy than Ronnie Barrett. After all, it’s not like they’ve ever indiscriminately sold weapons before. It’s even less likely for a Law Enforcement Organization to buy these rifles and pass them off to terrorists.

In the next installment, we should have a new map on .50 Caliber Proliferation, displaying all countries buying and operating .50 Caliber Terror Rifles sourced from the Producer Countries.

3 Responses to “Meet the .50s: .50s Around the World”

  1. nathan said

    terror rifles… how many police officers have been killed by a 50. bmg round 0
    how many planes hsot down 0
    how many stupid people that are afraid of guns or have said stupid stuff in their past like these people and dont want to get shot… alote

  2. Dragonflyer said

    Haha serbs

  3. Jason said

    when someone invades your home or mafias start to wear bullet proof vests then you will wish you had a 50 caliber rifle to defend yourself. Europe has overtaken the US in volence crime because only the criminals and police have guns. Leftists always want to take people’s right to defend their families from being raped and murdered while they murder unborn babies. 99% of murder in the US is abortion. Satanic, pure and simple. Where can I buy a 50 caliber rifle?

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