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Selective Fire

Posted by vpcadmin on March 21, 2008

“Burst mode” is another term for semi-automatic.  We would’ve embossed the text, but it was too difficult to read.

Selective Fire: the ability to select your target for a deadly, more deadly, or even more deadly spray of bullets; a fundamental feature of all assault weapons.

6 Responses to “Selective Fire”

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  2. Mikee said

    I have a Glock pistol. With no external manual safety, does my plastic assault pistol exist in a constant status of Deadly or More Deadly, or does it become “Even More Deadly” at some point? Because it is only a 9mm, and the possibility of it being “Even More Deadly” would help Jeff Cooper stop spinning in his grave of my caliber selection.

  3. Windy Wilson said

    Deadly, More Deadly, Even More Deadly
    Good one.
    Maybe an Orwellian
    Deadly, Plus Deadly, Double Plus Deadly.
    What I would want would be
    Expensive, More Expensive, Really Expensive.

  4. tjbbpgob said

    I think your mouth is deadlier and runs full auto at all times.

  5. al said

    Photo shop

  6. joey desa said

    once again you gun grabbers dont get it our children will thank us for showing them how to use guns not fear them instead to not be the lamb being led to slaughter but to be a protector of the 2 amendment have a nice day gun grabbers think about ways to make the whole world nice and safe just leave guns out of the equation have a nice day

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