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Discovery Channel: Propaganda Arm of the NRA

Posted by vpcadmin on March 24, 2008

The Discovery Channel has two shows of a most vile nature: Future Weapons and Mythbusters.

Future Weapons shows the true lethality of assault weapons, but its audience is testosterone-enraged teenagers. They deliberately encourage fascination of these foul devices and thus increase the likelihood of firearm ownership. Its one saving grace is that it provides an excellent survey of future weapons to ban, such as shotgun grenades. [All 12-gauge shotguns should be banned because of these rounds. They are just like Raufoss rounds. –ed]

Mythbusters‘ crime is far worse. They show people using, nay, enjoying the use of firearms, including assault weapons. They don’t make any value judgments at all! Once again, impressionable youth are at risk. Additionally, if they keep producing episodes related to firearms, sooner or later they will test the limits of bulletproof armor for the NRA’s propaganda wing. The public must learn these facts from the right source, the VPC.

Finally, an honorable mention goes to Dirty Jobs, in which the host, Mike Rowe, once had to separate steel bullets from lead ones. This was clearly a subliminal message to viewers that it is perfectly acceptable to own cop-killing steel bullets. In reality, there’s no legitimate use for steel bullets, though Gun Blobbers like to claim that soft steel is used as a substitute for lead in some militaries.

One Response to “Discovery Channel: Propaganda Arm of the NRA”

  1. BanThemAll said

    Let us also not forget the treachery of the A&E family of television networks, with their “Tales of the Gun” which airs on the NRA propaganda mouthpiece The History Channel.

    There are only two tales of the gun; death and destruction!

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