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Bob Ricker Phones Home

Posted by vpcadmin on March 27, 2008

Earlier today, Bob Ricker had an important telephone conversation with his wife. With his permission, we present it for your viewing, below the fold.

This is Bob Ricker’s large head.Hello? Who is this?
This is Mrs. Bob Ricker.This is your wife, Mrs. Bob Ricker.

Bob Ricker is very busy.Why are you calling me at The Brady Campa–

I mean, the American Hunters and Shooters Association?

Shouldn’t you be busy making my dinner right about now?

Mrs. Bob Ricker was too scared to start dinner.Well, I just saw a strange man

rooting around behind our

house and I was wondering…

Bob Ricker is angry!

Did you touch the guns?!

Never touch the guns!

Mrs. Bob Ricker is a 1950s stereotype.No, but this man seems…

Bob Ricker wears the pants in his family.

Never touch the guns!

Women must never touch guns!

The very idea is preposterous!

Mrs. Bob Ricker wanted to defend herself.

Okay, but he seems to be

looking for a way inside.

Bob Ricker trusts the police.

Just call the police.

They’ll take care of everything.

Mrs. Bob Ricker will call the police.Okay.
Bob Ricker wrote over 2500 comments.Try to remember that I work hard all day posting on gun blogs. The only way to defeat the Gun Blobbers is to fight on their turf.
Mrs. Bob Ricker knows all about Gun Blobbers.I know, dear.
Bob Ricker claims credit for Gura's victory.And I’ve had a very bad month. We got creamed in D.C., but the AHSA false flag operation seems to have gone undetected by the Justices.

Mrs. Bob Ricker tries to raise Mr. Bob Ricker's spirits.Well… that’s good then. At least

something positive happened.

Bob Ricker hates the number .50.Yeah, Peter Hamm, Paul Helmke, and Ray Schoenke discussed our future strategy out on the steps of the Supreme Court. I think we’ll go after .50 calibers some more. That’s always good for a laugh.
Mrs. Bob Ricker knows her husband is a bigshot.

Well, I’ll let you get back to work.

I love you. Bye.

Bob Ricker will harass Gun Blobbers some more.I love you, too. Goodbye.

This should prove to all those educated, sophisticated, and straight-thinking shooters and hunters out there whose side the AHSA is really on.

Hat tip to the Call Me Ahab and Say Uncle.

Editted:  Changed table width.  It may work better, now.

6 Responses to “Bob Ricker Phones Home”

  1. Sebastian said

    The chick’s picture is way out of frame on Firefox and Safari. We evil gun blobbers can’t see it.

  2. vpcadmin said

    WordPress apparently used a fixed amount of pixel width instead our desired percentage width for the table size. It may or may not be fixed now. We can’t tell.

    But, the real problem is you Gun Blobbers have resolutions that are way too small. This site is best viewed at 1680×1050.

  3. Sebastian said

    That’s my resolution, clearly you VPC people are unable to get your resolutions straight.

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