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Kansas to Authorize Machine-Assault Weapons

Posted by vpcadmin on March 31, 2008

Kansas is passing a law to allow their residents to possess NFA weapons. This is unacceptable.

We hate the NFA because it allows people to buy Terror Weapons like .50 Caliber Rifles, cannons, and machine-assault weapons. The entire NFA is really a loophole that allows civilians to own military weapons. Congress passed it because they were scared of the Gun Blobby and the Triangle of Death.

So, in conclusion, we must first add .50 Caliber Terror Rifles and assault weapons to the NFA list, then shut down the NFA registry and seize all weapons.

The Children, this is for them.

Hat tip to Mike Magnum @ The Gun Guys, and to Joe Huffman.

12 Responses to “Kansas to Authorize Machine-Assault Weapons”

  1. Grey Beard said

    Or then, you could just move to a country who’s Constitution and Bill of Rights, doesn’t guarantee their citizens the RIGHT TO BEAR ARMS. 🙂

  2. Dark Fiber said

    Terror Weapons like .50 Caliber Rifles, cannons, and machine-assault weapons.

    They are called machine guns, not “machine-assault weapons.” Your butchered jargon doesn’t sound more menacing. Do you *really* not grasp that in the commission of a felony, there is no such thing as a legal firearm, automatic or otherwise? Do you honestly believe that any criminal ponders the legality of the use of a machine gun or any other firearm before using one in a felony? Please pull your head out of the sand!

    The entire NFA is really a loophole that allows civilians to own military weapons.

    It is not a loophole. It is by design. The intent of the Second Amendment is that citizens *are* allowed to own military weapons. The meaning has been perverted and confused over the years by the forces of tyranny, and their cronies and pawns (such as yourself). You will be surprised when you learn that more American hearts and minds are sided with those of us who understand the true meaning of the Second Amendment, and are in fact not in step with you and your ilk that work to repeal our last resort.

    No guns makes everything so great? Lucky you! I hear the UK is in need of more great visionaries such as yourself. They have already created the ultimate peaceful paradise on their firearms-free island. Emigrate now and prove your point to the world.

    You can stay in denial of the realities of the criminal mind; that will keep you as safe as an ostrich with its head in the sand. I’ll take my chances with my .454 Casull over your ostrich fantasy any day.

    Si vis pacem, para bellum!

  3. Glenn B said

    Oh goodness graciousness, you said you hate something. Isn’t there a push to make hate a crime? Isn’t hate awful? I mean to hate is bad, isn’t it. Doesn’t it make you feel nasty, mean, evil, decrepit, and just put yu in an overal foul mood when you hate?

    How can you be for the children if you are teaching them to hate. I am all for the children, I teach them to be respectful, to love their country, to love their family, to be nice to others within reason, to have a work ethic, about the importance of a good education, how to conserve our resources while using them to our benefit, how to protect unborn children, how to have safe sex if they cannot control their hormones, how it is better to abstain until marriage, how marriage is wonderful, to respect the rights of others while enjoying their own rights, and how to protect their rights and those of others by arming themselves and therefore to be ready to defend their constitution, their nation, their family and their fellow citizens. In all that though I have never once taught them to hate because hating will turn them into something hateful. Shame on you preaching hatred and saying it is for the children. That is just purely absurd and nasty.


  4. Kristopher said

    My arms are bare.

    What’s your problem?

  5. tjbbpgob said

    Yes, move to good old England. The place we sent packing a couple centuries ago. I hear that now they are even going to outlaw swords and they’ve already outlawed hate speech. See how far your speech gets you there.

  6. Lone Ranger said

    One homicide with a legal machinegun in 74 years. How much more could we do for the children? They’re far more likely to be killed by toys from China or irresponsible drug addicted parents than killed by a machinegun.

    FYI: The NFA neither allows nor prohibits the purchase of .50 caliber terror rifles as they do not meet the definition of any firearm in the NFA. You must have received some incorrect information.

    Seeing people regain any small amount of freedom wrongly taken by government is a good thing.

  7. tony k said

    The NFA is the National Firearms Act of 1934. Please elaborate on the political activity of the “Gun Blobby” and the “Triangle of Death” during the presidential administrations of Herbert Hoover and Franklin Delano Roosevelt.

  8. Skully Bird said

    This is a parody site isn’t it? Noone could be that stupid. More people are killed each year by cheese doodles than legal NFA weapons. (Thats a statistical fact by the way) Are you going to ban cheese doodles “for the children”?

    “Gun Guys” I love your site. Its the “Saturday Night Live” of anti gun sites. You guys win more people over to the Pro gun camp than the NRA ever could. You guys scare gun grabbing liberals so much they go out and buy a gun. Are you sure you’re not funded by the NRA in secret?

    I’m still waiting for the .22 short “terror” site. That should be good for a laugh. Site sponsored by Sara Brady and the “Chipmunks”.

    The next logical step will be B.B. Gun “terror” Everyone knows that a cub scout with a B.B. gun can take down a stealth bomber with one shot.

    M R Ducks
    M R not
    S A R
    C M Wangs?
    L I B
    M R Ducks!

    Have a nice paranoid life. I really hope you find yourself a nice country with plenty of gun control to live in. Have you tried Nigeria?

    S. Bird

  9. Beerdo said

    The sky is falling, there’s a food crisis, an energy crisis and water may be next.

    Maybe when the VPC and Brady bunch are standing in line for rice and bean rations, they’ll have less time for crying about other things.

  10. rudy said

    My NFA weapons have killed fewer people than Ted Kennedy’s car. My safe has been full for a couple of years. I just wish I could teach them how to multiply.

  11. bobmysterious said

    love it or leave it bitch

  12. Proud Kansan said

    This is a step in the right direction!!!! Proud to be a Kansan! 28 guns and counting. Might even think about getting into NFA!!!

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