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New Sniper Threat

Posted by vpcadmin on April 2, 2008

According to the FBI, there were two sniper attacks in 2006. One was committed with a rifle [undoubtedly a .50 Caliber Rifle –ed] and the other one involved a handgun. This disturbs us greatly. The Gun Lobby is now producing sniper-capable handguns for the civilian market. We can only assume these handguns fire deadly .50 Action Express ammunition*. Potentially, these .50 Caliber Handguns are even more deadly than sniper rifles as a terrorist could shoot down a plane from the inside.

*.50 AE is only slightly less powerful than .50 BMG.

5 Responses to “New Sniper Threat”

  1. […] can see our friends at the VPC blog are in hysterics over the threat of handgun snipers.  No doubt this threat is real.  Here’s some video of these dangerous individuals […]

  2. fuzzy said

    No, foolz!

    The sniper handgun is even more deadliester because its super-accurate semi-auto sniper 50 caliber armor piercing killer rounds are fired from a concealable handgun.

  3. tjbbpgob said

    bunch a pussies

  4. SsevenN said

    Great site

  5. Livin' in Fear said

    These .50 cals are old news. The newest threat invented by the Gun Blobby is the 6mm PPC. PPC stands for Person Puncturing Cartridge. I was made for only one purpose… To put holes in people from very long ranges.

    The gun blobby says that this cartridge is used mostly by benchrest shooters. We all know that benchrest shooting is just an NRA code for long range sniper training. These deadly snipers could use the 6mm PPC to puncture a child from over 3000 yards away!

    These deadly child-killing bullet hoses much be outlawed now, before the first, er I mean another, child falls to their deadly accuracy.

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