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New VPC Research

Posted by vpcadmin on April 9, 2008

Using the power of GoogleFight, we are able to accurately study current crime and political trends. This is a data collection method that is foolproof and can never be doubted.

Gun Control For the Win!

Gun control has over six million Google hits compared to a paltry five for “gun rights”. This proves that hunters and shooters are a dying breed. [However, if you are a hunter or shooter, feel free to join the AHSA. You won’t die out then, we promise –ed]

Assault rifles were always really called assault weapons.  Trust us.

Unlike what the Gun Blobbers claim, we did not invent the term “assault weapon”. This unbiased sample clearly shows that “assault weapon” outnumbers “assault rifle” by a 10,000:1 margin.

Ah, yes, more people like murder.

Clearly, due the NRA and the Gun Blobby, most people on the Internet believe that murder “is good”. This explains why homicides are up this year and why gun control is absolutely necessary.

Speaking of Gun Blobby, the “Blobby” seems to definitely outnumber the old Gun Lobby. Behold:

This was rather surprising.

2 Responses to “New VPC Research”

  1. […] I see they are still using their tried and true methods. […]

  2. Of course, the VPC would never try to massage the numbers to put their position in a better light. But you know, it’s kind of funny about the research. If you simply take out the quotation marks around gun rights, then gun rights beats gun control. Huh.
    Now I wouldn’t take that to mean that gun rights has more grass roots support than gun control. I would say that if anything, the gun rights people have several billionaires and Hollywood folk funding various organizations to spew out their beliefs, so this creates all these splogs that skew the Google search results.

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