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Assault Weapons Guide: Pistol Grips

Posted by vpcadmin on April 11, 2008

Yet again, we delve into the topic of assault weapons. The most deadly feature of assault weapons is the veritable pistol grip found on these rifles. They permit the user to “shoot from the hip” John Wayne-style. With a handgun, a killer can shoot from the hip all he wants and hose down an area. With a rifle, the damage is surely double. [Just to be safe, we’ll be banning handguns as well. –ed]

This topic doesn’t require much discussion, however, the Gun Blobby is incessant in its chatter. They hold up so-called facts and figures to try to counter us. Well, we say they are full of B.S. We will examine a host of these claims.

Claim #1: There are other types of pistol grips, called “pistol grip stocks”. (Illustrated by the picture below.)

The Founding Fathers knew about this and wanted it banned.

The Gun Blobbers have a point. That grip is ergonomic enough to permit firing from the hip. Therefore, the VPC Blog recommends that it be banned.

Claim #2: Pistol grips aren’t needed on handheld machine guns (see picture of UD M42).
No pistol grip, but it is an assault weapon?!

A-ha! They screwed up once again! The UD-42 does contain a forward pistol grip, thus legitimizing the Assault Weapon Grip Theory.

Claim #3: Extended pistol grips aren’t needed to shoot from the hip.

This is a Gun Blobber trick.God damn B.A.R.

An unpossible shooting from the hip.

Well, the first two don’t matter, because, as we discussed, pistol grip stocks are exactly the same as extended pistol grips. And the last one is purely fictional. That shot was produced using camera tricks, mirrors, CGI, and digital editing.

So, in conclusion, the Gun Blobbers just can’t seem to cut it, argument-wise. The VPC wins again!

One Response to “Assault Weapons Guide: Pistol Grips”

  1. Will said

    An evil Italian company (Uberti) is making pistols with folding forward pistol grips! That’s right, the Colt Navy’s ramrod can be unfolder for deadly from-the-hip shooting! Not only did Col. Colt invent guns so terrorists could fire six times without reloading, he added these special features for added lethality. They even have satanic single action mechanisms, almost as deadly as Glocks. Burn in hell, Sam Colt!

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