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“Completely Accurate”

Posted by vpcadmin on April 16, 2008

We couldn’t agree more about the Damned Rednecks and their “civil rights”. Read the whole thing at the Gun Guys

[Joyce Foundation 4 Life. –ed]

2 Responses to ““Completely Accurate””

  1. SAMUEL HAY said

    While the DC case was being heard in the U.S. Supreme Court I looked for data to prove the point on one side or the other. I could find none. Only speculation and innuendo. And court documents claiming one thing or the other.
    So, as an ardent researcher, I found a city about the size of DC and looked for the violent crime stats on both.
    The year 2006 was the latest year that data was complied and completed.
    In London, where you cannot own a firearm for personal protection there were 22,000 violent crimes.
    In DC, where you can own a firearm for personal protection, there were 11,000 violent crimes.
    The extrapolation from these data clearly indicates that in cities where you can own firearms, violent crimes are less than in cities where you cant.
    This is just an objective posting of what the numbers tell us. So, in terms of being a victim of violent crime would you rather live in DC or London?
    It does seem that the right to defend yourself carries with it some additional paranoia for the bad guys who know you may be packin.
    Whereas in cities with no personal protection, the bad guys attack at will.
    Is there any other interpretation for these data?

  2. Scott Dix said

    It’s pretty cowardly to not give another way of contacting you, I am in the process of seeing how many flagrent lies there are about you.

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