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Practical Shooting = Practical MURDER

Posted by vpcadmin on April 16, 2008

“Practical Shooting” is codeword for murder training among the Gun Blobbosphere.

The Gun Blobbers like to claim it is actually a form of self-defense training. In reality, it is combat training. You may wonder why this form of combat training involves individuals instead of groups. Well, the army slogan is “Army of One,” meaning that assault weapons make each soldier the equivalent of an army. Everyone knows that the Army doesn’t train in groups anymore. SWAT teams don’t bother training in groups, either. It’s all “practical shooting,” nowadays.

It doesn’t matter if individual police officers attend the same schools as “normies,” it still is a form of death training. People are training to kill. We have created a “chart of death” to display the various shooting schools and their level of murder.
Cowboy Action is twice as deadly as deerhunting training.

As you can see, all those schools have higher murder levels than deerhunting. Sniper schools* produce at least four times as much death as deerhunting. “Practical Shooting” leads the pack with a whopping 800% increase of death-dealing over deerhunting.

You may remember, in the shotshow.pdf report, we mentioned a study that found handgun users:

! are ignorant of—or ignore—basic handgun safety rules;
! do not have the necessary handgun combat marksmanship skills to effectively defend
themselves without harming innocent others; and,
! are not prepared for the extreme physiological and psychological effects that the
experts, many of whom have on-the-street law enforcement experience with firearms,
agree inevitably occur in an armed life-or-death confrontation (the only situation in
which lethal force is justified in self-defense)

It’s very important to shut down these schools. If people become proficient in self-defense, it increases their ability to actually defend themselves. And we can’t have that.

*Sniper training just like Ronnie Barrett provides. [He makes us so angry. –ed]

7 Responses to “Practical Shooting = Practical MURDER”

  1. You left out Boomershoot and the Precision Rifle Clinic where normies get training with sniper rifles (including those from Ronnie Barrett!) and use explosives. This dangerous mix endangers the entire solar system.

  2. […] Or murder training? […]

  3. Mike V. said

    I have attended several of these “Practical Shooting” schools you reference. None of them teach students to murder (the unlawful killing of another). They teach students to use DEFENSIVE force to stop attacks as quickly as possible to prevent the need for further violence. That is not murder but self defense.

    Law enforcement officers and military do attend these schools (often at their own expense). They go for the same reason. To be able to use DEFENSIVE force to stop attacks as quickly as possible to prevent the need for further violence.

  4. Rivrdog said

    I once saw a man eating a banana at a practical pistol match.

    Since banana-eaters are actually trainees in the art of fellatio, wouldn’t that make them c**ks**king murder-trainees?

    Not logical, you say?

    Ummmm, check your own logic first.

  5. Rivrdog said

    Take two.

    OK, I’ll admit it, when I’m practicing my skills for a Pistol Qualification Course (see my blog), I am, indeed, practicing to kill humans.

    As to whether you may presume that such potential killing is also potentially murder, isn’t murder a verdict of unjustifiable homicide, with criminal intent, that is decided AFTER the fact of the homicide?

    Punching holes in paper or ringing gongs with bullets can, in NO WAY, be considered an ADVANCE preparation for “murder”, since that crime does not exist until a homicide, with criminal intent, has been perpetrated.

    Quod erat demonstratum.

  6. bad lands bill said


    I just surfed to this site and found the above blog of trash.
    I am still amazed that some can be be so stupid and yet express themselves in an intellegent way that only shows how wrong they are.

  7. anon said

    Are you a fucking idiot? What a load of shit, vpcadmin if you ever hope to get involved in journalism or having a successful website have fun picking up my trash you worthless, uneducated, idiot.

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