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NRA Loses a Million

Posted by vpcadmin on April 25, 2008

Members that is. Thanks to help from Google, our Lord and Savior Josh Sugarmann has discovered that the NRA lost a million members two years ago.

We’re pretty sure this means the tide is turning against the Gun Blobbers. After all, it is absolutely impossible that these ex-members became complacent due to a 2nd-Amendment-Friendly administration. It is also impossible that ex-members turned to local clubs and causes. Obviously, they all went and joined the AHSA because of the NRA’s extremist views. They will never, ever rejoin the NRA once Barack Obama, the AHSA-endorsed candidate, is elected President.

We here on the side of Reasonable Gun Control have a foolproof method for counting members: if you visit one of our websites, you are a member. Anyone who makes a donation is considered a Life Member. And anyone who volunteers at a protest is considered a Representative.

By this metric, we have over fifty million members. Let’s see the NRA beat that!

Hat tip to Mike Magnum@The Gun Guys. He’s doing God’s Work over there.

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