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A Good Start

Posted by vpcadmin on May 2, 2008

This forthcoming assault weapons ban in Louisiana is a good start at saving children’s lives. It’s also good to see that some intelligent legislators have seen the light regarding pump-action assault weapons. Now, all we have to do is add bolt-action rifles to that list…

2 Responses to “A Good Start”

  1. ITYM “bolt-action assault weapons”.

  2. Mikee said

    Don’t forget the lever-action assault rifles, the single-shot scoped “sniper” pistols, the easily concealed multi-shot assault revolvers, the curio and antique military surplus weapons of death, the 22LR rimfire “inexpensive ammo” kid-usable killer guns, the CO2-powered pellet of doom guns, Airsoft and water-squirting lookalike guns, for which “the cops will shoot you for playing with one,” the spring-loaded “Shoot your own eye out” Red Ryder, which requires NO AMMUNITION PURCHASE other than the BBs!

    Then there are bent sticks, used by small boys worldwide to intimidate others through virtual shooting and imaginary death! And the cocked thumb and pointed index finger of threatening gesture!

    OMG! We will never be able to ban all of these!

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