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Video Games: We Hate Them, Too

Posted by vpcadmin on May 7, 2008

We at the VPC Blog acknowledge and respect the role of firearms in hunting*. However, children must never, ever touch a gun or even think about touching a gun. “Parental supervision” is just an NRA codeword for child abuse. It is even more sinister when abusive parents buy firearm-related video games for their children. In this case, the children are holding virtual firearms, learning how to spread death and destruction. Here are the offenders:

Clearly, the Gun Blobby is conspiring to brainwash our children and turn them into psychopaths. We suspect Remington (in coordination with Barrett Firearms) bought out Electronic Arts.

*See our forthcoming report: “200 Yards: The Maximum Need of Any Hunter”.

**Grand Theft Auto IV does not make the list because the NRA forgot to send its wheelbarrow of cash.

4 Responses to “Video Games: We Hate Them, Too”

  1. Ishida said

    It makes me quite happy that the following video and image links will cause you to cry yourself to sleep. And to think, I am in no way related to the NRA, nor have I ever recieved money from them.

    [video src="http://s10.photobucket.com/albums/a105/uryu_ishida/TGO%204/?action=view&current=M4V00163.flv" /]

    [video src="http://s10.photobucket.com/albums/a105/uryu_ishida/?action=view&current=M4V00040.flv" /]
    [video src="http://s10.photobucket.com/albums/a105/uryu_ishida/?action=view&current=M4V00043.flv" /]

    Anyone worried about those links, they are from Photobucket and are from various range meetings I’ve gone to.

  2. […] Seems that the VPC takes issue with video games that perpetuate the gun culture. […]

  3. Laughingdog said

    GTA4 didn’t make the list because the list is a reprint from an article written in 2000. I’m not saying they aren’t idiots. I’m just saying it would be more appropriate to give them grief for not having Counterstrike and Unreal Tournament on there.

  4. vpcadmin said


    You don’t understand how the VPC works. All reports are automatically updated weekly as new information comes in. The problem is that the NRA, because gun ownership is dying, could not afford to send any more wheelbarrows of cash to game developers.

    They had to send those to legislators.

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