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D.C. Versus Heller

Posted by vpcadmin on June 16, 2008

Victory is imminent; we expect a 9-0 decision in favor of D.C. Paul Helmke may pay lip service to the possibility of losing the case, but, in reality, he is quite confident of the outcome. Our forces are metaphorically preparing to cross the Rubicon and smash the NRA.

5 Responses to “D.C. Versus Heller”

  1. […] While Paul Helmke has pre-conceded Heller, the VPC predicts it will go their way 9-0. […]

  2. […] VPC are expecting a grand victory against the vile forces of the […]

  3. Name (required) said

    You sure seem to employ violent rhetoric.

  4. …don’t you mean “cross the Delaware”? Or is that too cold?

  5. ASM826 said

    How’d that work out for ya?

    I still haven’t decided if your whole site is some sort of elaborate joke.

    But Molon Lave anyway!

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