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Shooting Sports Safe? Preposterous!

Posted by vpcadmin on June 16, 2008

Reasonable Copyright Violation is Constitutional.Our good friend Mike Magnum over at the Gun Guys discovered that the Gun Blobby claims the “shooting sports” are safe and enjoyable, as long as certain rules are followed. Needless to say, Mike Magnum tears that argument to pieces. It doesn’t matter if high schools and colleges had rifle teams in the past; that was the past. This is the future; we know what the hell we are doing. We also agree with his decision to violate the copyright of Oleg Volk. Gun Blobbers don’t deserve to profit from their creations.

Another kudos goes out to Mike Magnum, yet again, for his coverage of D.C. versus Heller. In this post, he explains that Second Amendment applies to the States only, obviously nullifying the Militia Act of 1792 and the Freedmen’s Bureau Act of 1866, both passed by Congress. He also discusses the bringing of assault pistols onto airplanes. We agree with his position and point new readers to our article on the first assault pistol ever made. Mauser C96 pistols definitely do not belong on airplanes.

One Response to “Shooting Sports Safe? Preposterous!”

  1. Have some self control, kid. Then, maybe, you might not be so afraid of the smaller things in life that are too complex for you not to fuck up.

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