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Mata Caballero

Posted by vpcadmin on July 10, 2008

For those not in the know, the title means “Knight Killer”. That’s the name that Spanish gangsters gave to the new breed of weapons capable of piercing platemail. These anti-armor handguns and rifles continue to show up on the streets of Madrid and Toledo. Of the many thousands confiscated, 90% can be tracked back to the United States. Spanish steel is no match for this threat.

This piece of armor encountered a thug with a "Mata Caballero".

This piece of armor encountered a thug with a "Mata Caballero".

The Founding Fathers knew about this and wanted it banned.

This rifle can pierce steel armor.

Concealable Mata Caballeros.

Concealable Mata Caballeros.

Gun Manufacturers continue to create increasingly powerful firearms capable of killing our brave knights. D.C. versus Heller proved that Reasonable Restrictions, such as restrictions on armor piercing ammunition, are constitutional. The VPC Blog recommends that all firearms capable of piercing platemail be banned from sale within the United States and restrictions placed on their export.

5 Responses to “Mata Caballero”

  1. […] We must ban armor piercing ammunition. […]

  2. Mikee said

    Firearms only, or should we also outlaw those darn English longbows shooting those metal tipped (hence armor piercing) wooden dowels? They can pierce platemail, also. So can those pesky crossbow bolts. And halberd points. And lances.

    Darn, platemail may just be obsolete as armor.

  3. tjbbpgob said

    You people are f#$king idiots.

  4. Arthur said

    That appears to be French armor, not Spanish.

    Is the gun blobby exporting its terror to France too?

  5. DJK said

    You guys are fu(&ing Retards. We NEED to ban liberal a$$ idiots.

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