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Guns ‘n’ Mexico

Posted by vpcadmin on April 6, 2009

The ATF has stated that “over 90 percent of the traced firearms originate from the U.S.”

Logically, this means that 90% of the firearms in Mexico have a U.S. origin.  Any Brady Campaign-endorsed Logician should agree with that statement.

Here are percentages of weapons and other contraband that come from the U.S.:

  • 90% of all grenades
  • 90% of all rocket launchers
  • 90% of all artillery pieces
  • Bizarrely, 90% of all drugs come from the U.S. as well.
  • 90% of assault weapons (remember, that’s the even more deadly semi-automatic version; not the just-plain-deadly full-auto version)
  • 90% of all Rickrolls

There are over 100 million AK-type rifles in world today. All of them are apparently located within the United States. That’s why 90% of the cartels’ guns come from the U.S. All other areas of the world are gun free and absolutely peaceful.

The RPG-7 can be purchased in any of the many gun stores in the United States.

The RPG-7 can be purchased in any of the many gun stores in the United States. We swear.

What’s most important is that everyone who is reading this should just stop thinking and do whatever the Violence Policy Center, the Brady Campaign, and Barack Obama order us to do.

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.30 Caliber Terror

Posted by vpcadmin on March 26, 2009

The world has yet to heed the warnings of the VPC regarding .50 caliber rifles, but there is a new threat on the horizon: .30 caliber rifles.  These deadly military arms are flooding onto The Streets and threatening the safety of our communities.

Babar -- Assassinated by Robert Mugabe.

Babar -- Assassinated by Robert Mugabe.

Just how deadly is the .30 Caliber? 95% of all small arms casualties in World War I and World War II were caused by .30 caliber rifles.  They also shot down 95% of planes during World War I and a significant number of planes during World War II. Additionally, poachers in Africa frequently use .30 caliber machine guns to kill innocent elephants.  The bipedal head-of-state Babar was killed in such a manner. Even today, .30 caliber weapons cause a tremendous number of deaths worldwide.

Gun Whackos like to claim that .30 caliber rifles have legitimate sporting use, but we found out the truth. The range of a .30 caliber sniper rifle is 1,000 meters; ten times what a deer hunter needs. Some can even reach out to 1,500 meters; twenty times what a deer hunter needs. What legitimate, AHSA-approved hunter needs to shoot 1,000 yards?  None, that’s who.

Not only can .30 caliber rifles shoot a great distance, they can also penetrate armor. The Polish invented a deadly, anti-tank .30 caliber rifle. It could punch through over half an inch of armor at 300 meters. Clearly, it has the range and power to down an airplane.

How many innocent German tanks were destroyed by this deadly anti-armor weapon?  We'll never know.

How many innocent German tanks were destroyed by this deadly anti-armor weapon? We'll never know.

There are armor piercing, incendiary, and explosive ammunition available for .30 caliber rifles, just like .50 caliber rifles. During World War I and II, incendiary and explosive ammunition were quite effective against airplanes and hydrogen-filled Zeppelins.  In fact, massive Zeppelins could be destroyed by a single incendiary .30 caliber bullet.  The logical result is, of course, that a single hit will down a 747.  Security experts have so far ignored our warnings.

Clearly, an infantry rifle is the greatest threat against planes in the world.

Clearly, an infantry rifle is the greatest threat against aircraft in the world.

During the interwar period, the Japanese changed from 6.5 mm ammunition to .30 caliber just for the increased deadliness and anti-materiel abilities (a.k.a. shoot-down-planes for the uninitiated).  The British armed their planes with .303 British machine guns and devastated the German Luftwaffe in the Battle of Britain.  Even the U.S. mounted a pair of .30 caliber machine guns to defend their Dauntless dive bombers.  Truly, the .30 caliber round is one which devastates aircraft.

Think that’s bad? Well, certain .30 caliber handguns can punch through Kevlar and kill cops.  That’s right: .30 caliber is the perfect cop-killing ammunition for gang-bangers and moonshiners.  Read about it in our next report: “Vest Busters II: 7.62 Boogaloo.”

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NRA Hypocritically Endorses McCain

Posted by vpcadmin on October 20, 2008

John McCain, who only earns a “C” from the NRA, has been endorsed by the National Rifle Association.  Clearly, they flip-flopped.  And it wasn’t just because John McCain was the mastermind of the McCain-Feingold Act which would hamper NRA efforts in fund-raising. The NRA always, and forever, hated John McCain.  Perhaps the pedants out there will say that the NRA endorsement of John McCain just proves how bad Obama is on guns.  Well, the VPC Blog says they’re racist for even suggesting that.  Obama is pro-sportsmen; the AHSA even says so!

McCain isn’t very representative of gun owners anyway. His crimes are:

  • Does not support an assault weapons ban.  (Assault weapons which terrorists use to kill cops and children.)
  • Endorsed the 5-4 decision in D.C. v Heller.  (A decision which defies all logic and reason.)
  • Supports the sale of cop-killing hunting ammunition.  (Caused by a loophole in the original bullet ban.)
  • Supports the sale of .30 caliber anti-aircraft ammunition.  (The deadly .303 Brit shot down numerous German aircraft during World War II.)
  • Picked Sarah Palin to be his Vice Presidential candidate. (An inexperienced moose hunter.  Everyone knows that real hunters don’t hunt moose.)
  • Has dared to question Barack’s position on guns.
  • Is not endorsed by the American Hunters and Shooters Association.

As we all know, Barack Obama supports all gun owners and has defended them on numerous occasions.  Why, he’s even defended them against the NRA, which doesn’t really represent gun owners like the AHSA.  If the NRA is so representative, why aren’t they doing anything about conservation?  Barack Obama will protect our wildlands, to the degree that even hunting will not be allowed.  Then, everyone can enjoy nature in the same way.

Why do you think Barack Obama joined the Joyce Foundation?  To protect hunters, of course!

(This message has been approved by the Sierra Club and the People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals.)

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Posted by vpcadmin on July 24, 2008

Somehow, members of the Gun Blobby produced a video showing how “easy” it is to stop a .50 Caliber Terror Rifle.

We suspect they used complex CGI to generate this scene. (Possibly borrowing a super-computer from Dave Hardy.) A mere tube of metal cannot stop an anti-armor, anti-tank, anti-aircraft, anti-superhero rifle.

The only other explanation is that this tube is made out of Unobtainium. Those tricky bastards in the Gun Blobby know it is almost impossible to obtain Unobtainium; it’s damn near unpossible. We certainly can’t coat massive jetliners with it. Once again, the Gun Blobby toys with our communities. And our Lives.

Ronnie Barrett yet again could not be reached for comment. [He’s probably smuggling .50 Caliber Terror Rifles to Mexico as we speak. — ed]

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A Good Start

Posted by vpcadmin on May 2, 2008

This forthcoming assault weapons ban in Louisiana is a good start at saving children’s lives. It’s also good to see that some intelligent legislators have seen the light regarding pump-action assault weapons. Now, all we have to do is add bolt-action rifles to that list…

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Practical Shooting = Practical MURDER

Posted by vpcadmin on April 16, 2008

“Practical Shooting” is codeword for murder training among the Gun Blobbosphere.

The Gun Blobbers like to claim it is actually a form of self-defense training. In reality, it is combat training. You may wonder why this form of combat training involves individuals instead of groups. Well, the army slogan is “Army of One,” meaning that assault weapons make each soldier the equivalent of an army. Everyone knows that the Army doesn’t train in groups anymore. SWAT teams don’t bother training in groups, either. It’s all “practical shooting,” nowadays.

It doesn’t matter if individual police officers attend the same schools as “normies,” it still is a form of death training. People are training to kill. We have created a “chart of death” to display the various shooting schools and their level of murder.
Cowboy Action is twice as deadly as deerhunting training.

As you can see, all those schools have higher murder levels than deerhunting. Sniper schools* produce at least four times as much death as deerhunting. “Practical Shooting” leads the pack with a whopping 800% increase of death-dealing over deerhunting.

You may remember, in the shotshow.pdf report, we mentioned a study that found handgun users:

! are ignorant of—or ignore—basic handgun safety rules;
! do not have the necessary handgun combat marksmanship skills to effectively defend
themselves without harming innocent others; and,
! are not prepared for the extreme physiological and psychological effects that the
experts, many of whom have on-the-street law enforcement experience with firearms,
agree inevitably occur in an armed life-or-death confrontation (the only situation in
which lethal force is justified in self-defense)

It’s very important to shut down these schools. If people become proficient in self-defense, it increases their ability to actually defend themselves. And we can’t have that.

*Sniper training just like Ronnie Barrett provides. [He makes us so angry. –ed]

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Assault Weapons Guide: Pistol Grips

Posted by vpcadmin on April 11, 2008

Yet again, we delve into the topic of assault weapons. The most deadly feature of assault weapons is the veritable pistol grip found on these rifles. They permit the user to “shoot from the hip” John Wayne-style. With a handgun, a killer can shoot from the hip all he wants and hose down an area. With a rifle, the damage is surely double. [Just to be safe, we’ll be banning handguns as well. –ed]

This topic doesn’t require much discussion, however, the Gun Blobby is incessant in its chatter. They hold up so-called facts and figures to try to counter us. Well, we say they are full of B.S. We will examine a host of these claims.

Claim #1: There are other types of pistol grips, called “pistol grip stocks”. (Illustrated by the picture below.)

The Founding Fathers knew about this and wanted it banned.

The Gun Blobbers have a point. That grip is ergonomic enough to permit firing from the hip. Therefore, the VPC Blog recommends that it be banned.

Claim #2: Pistol grips aren’t needed on handheld machine guns (see picture of UD M42).
No pistol grip, but it is an assault weapon?!

A-ha! They screwed up once again! The UD-42 does contain a forward pistol grip, thus legitimizing the Assault Weapon Grip Theory.

Claim #3: Extended pistol grips aren’t needed to shoot from the hip.

This is a Gun Blobber trick.God damn B.A.R.

An unpossible shooting from the hip.

Well, the first two don’t matter, because, as we discussed, pistol grip stocks are exactly the same as extended pistol grips. And the last one is purely fictional. That shot was produced using camera tricks, mirrors, CGI, and digital editing.

So, in conclusion, the Gun Blobbers just can’t seem to cut it, argument-wise. The VPC wins again!

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Kansas to Authorize Machine-Assault Weapons

Posted by vpcadmin on March 31, 2008

Kansas is passing a law to allow their residents to possess NFA weapons. This is unacceptable.

We hate the NFA because it allows people to buy Terror Weapons like .50 Caliber Rifles, cannons, and machine-assault weapons. The entire NFA is really a loophole that allows civilians to own military weapons. Congress passed it because they were scared of the Gun Blobby and the Triangle of Death.

So, in conclusion, we must first add .50 Caliber Terror Rifles and assault weapons to the NFA list, then shut down the NFA registry and seize all weapons.

The Children, this is for them.

Hat tip to Mike Magnum @ The Gun Guys, and to Joe Huffman.

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Discovery Channel: Propaganda Arm of the NRA

Posted by vpcadmin on March 24, 2008

The Discovery Channel has two shows of a most vile nature: Future Weapons and Mythbusters.

Future Weapons shows the true lethality of assault weapons, but its audience is testosterone-enraged teenagers. They deliberately encourage fascination of these foul devices and thus increase the likelihood of firearm ownership. Its one saving grace is that it provides an excellent survey of future weapons to ban, such as shotgun grenades. [All 12-gauge shotguns should be banned because of these rounds. They are just like Raufoss rounds. –ed]

Mythbusters‘ crime is far worse. They show people using, nay, enjoying the use of firearms, including assault weapons. They don’t make any value judgments at all! Once again, impressionable youth are at risk. Additionally, if they keep producing episodes related to firearms, sooner or later they will test the limits of bulletproof armor for the NRA’s propaganda wing. The public must learn these facts from the right source, the VPC.

Finally, an honorable mention goes to Dirty Jobs, in which the host, Mike Rowe, once had to separate steel bullets from lead ones. This was clearly a subliminal message to viewers that it is perfectly acceptable to own cop-killing steel bullets. In reality, there’s no legitimate use for steel bullets, though Gun Blobbers like to claim that soft steel is used as a substitute for lead in some militaries.

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Selective Fire

Posted by vpcadmin on March 21, 2008

“Burst mode” is another term for semi-automatic.  We would’ve embossed the text, but it was too difficult to read.

Selective Fire: the ability to select your target for a deadly, more deadly, or even more deadly spray of bullets; a fundamental feature of all assault weapons.

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