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.30 Caliber Terror

Posted by vpcadmin on March 26, 2009

The world has yet to heed the warnings of the VPC regarding .50 caliber rifles, but there is a new threat on the horizon: .30 caliber rifles.  These deadly military arms are flooding onto The Streets and threatening the safety of our communities.

Babar -- Assassinated by Robert Mugabe.

Babar -- Assassinated by Robert Mugabe.

Just how deadly is the .30 Caliber? 95% of all small arms casualties in World War I and World War II were caused by .30 caliber rifles.  They also shot down 95% of planes during World War I and a significant number of planes during World War II. Additionally, poachers in Africa frequently use .30 caliber machine guns to kill innocent elephants.  The bipedal head-of-state Babar was killed in such a manner. Even today, .30 caliber weapons cause a tremendous number of deaths worldwide.

Gun Whackos like to claim that .30 caliber rifles have legitimate sporting use, but we found out the truth. The range of a .30 caliber sniper rifle is 1,000 meters; ten times what a deer hunter needs. Some can even reach out to 1,500 meters; twenty times what a deer hunter needs. What legitimate, AHSA-approved hunter needs to shoot 1,000 yards?  None, that’s who.

Not only can .30 caliber rifles shoot a great distance, they can also penetrate armor. The Polish invented a deadly, anti-tank .30 caliber rifle. It could punch through over half an inch of armor at 300 meters. Clearly, it has the range and power to down an airplane.

How many innocent German tanks were destroyed by this deadly anti-armor weapon?  We'll never know.

How many innocent German tanks were destroyed by this deadly anti-armor weapon? We'll never know.

There are armor piercing, incendiary, and explosive ammunition available for .30 caliber rifles, just like .50 caliber rifles. During World War I and II, incendiary and explosive ammunition were quite effective against airplanes and hydrogen-filled Zeppelins.  In fact, massive Zeppelins could be destroyed by a single incendiary .30 caliber bullet.  The logical result is, of course, that a single hit will down a 747.  Security experts have so far ignored our warnings.

Clearly, an infantry rifle is the greatest threat against planes in the world.

Clearly, an infantry rifle is the greatest threat against aircraft in the world.

During the interwar period, the Japanese changed from 6.5 mm ammunition to .30 caliber just for the increased deadliness and anti-materiel abilities (a.k.a. shoot-down-planes for the uninitiated).  The British armed their planes with .303 British machine guns and devastated the German Luftwaffe in the Battle of Britain.  Even the U.S. mounted a pair of .30 caliber machine guns to defend their Dauntless dive bombers.  Truly, the .30 caliber round is one which devastates aircraft.

Think that’s bad? Well, certain .30 caliber handguns can punch through Kevlar and kill cops.  That’s right: .30 caliber is the perfect cop-killing ammunition for gang-bangers and moonshiners.  Read about it in our next report: “Vest Busters II: 7.62 Boogaloo.”

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Posted by vpcadmin on July 24, 2008

Somehow, members of the Gun Blobby produced a video showing how “easy” it is to stop a .50 Caliber Terror Rifle.

We suspect they used complex CGI to generate this scene. (Possibly borrowing a super-computer from Dave Hardy.) A mere tube of metal cannot stop an anti-armor, anti-tank, anti-aircraft, anti-superhero rifle.

The only other explanation is that this tube is made out of Unobtainium. Those tricky bastards in the Gun Blobby know it is almost impossible to obtain Unobtainium; it’s damn near unpossible. We certainly can’t coat massive jetliners with it. Once again, the Gun Blobby toys with our communities. And our Lives.

Ronnie Barrett yet again could not be reached for comment. [He’s probably smuggling .50 Caliber Terror Rifles to Mexico as we speak. — ed]

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Mata Caballero

Posted by vpcadmin on July 10, 2008

For those not in the know, the title means “Knight Killer”. That’s the name that Spanish gangsters gave to the new breed of weapons capable of piercing platemail. These anti-armor handguns and rifles continue to show up on the streets of Madrid and Toledo. Of the many thousands confiscated, 90% can be tracked back to the United States. Spanish steel is no match for this threat.

This piece of armor encountered a thug with a "Mata Caballero".

This piece of armor encountered a thug with a "Mata Caballero".

The Founding Fathers knew about this and wanted it banned.

This rifle can pierce steel armor.

Concealable Mata Caballeros.

Concealable Mata Caballeros.

Gun Manufacturers continue to create increasingly powerful firearms capable of killing our brave knights. D.C. versus Heller proved that Reasonable Restrictions, such as restrictions on armor piercing ammunition, are constitutional. The VPC Blog recommends that all firearms capable of piercing platemail be banned from sale within the United States and restrictions placed on their export.

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Armor Piercing, Redux

Posted by vpcadmin on April 30, 2008

Apparently, the French Gun Blobby is just as devilish as the American Gun Blobby. Check out these French armor piercing bullets.

Holy crap, what are those things?

These are some of the much feared armor piercing bullets that the NRA supports owning. Just to be safe, these should be double-banned: once for being armor-piercing, and again for being ugly. Clearly, the deadliness is just too great.

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New Sniper Threat

Posted by vpcadmin on April 2, 2008

According to the FBI, there were two sniper attacks in 2006. One was committed with a rifle [undoubtedly a .50 Caliber Rifle –ed] and the other one involved a handgun. This disturbs us greatly. The Gun Lobby is now producing sniper-capable handguns for the civilian market. We can only assume these handguns fire deadly .50 Action Express ammunition*. Potentially, these .50 Caliber Handguns are even more deadly than sniper rifles as a terrorist could shoot down a plane from the inside.

*.50 AE is only slightly less powerful than .50 BMG.

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Meet the .50s: .50s Around the World

Posted by vpcadmin on March 17, 2008

In order to exhibit the worldwide craze over anti-armor rifles, we at the VPC Blog have produced a colored map to display every country that produces a .50 Caliber Terror Rifle or similar anti-armor (or, as the Gun Blobbers call it, “anti-matériel”) rifles.

The Red Represents Blood.

The list includes a notable set of “rogue states”:

  • Austria
  • China
  • Croatia
  • Czech Republic
  • France
  • Great Britain
  • Hungary
  • India
  • Poland
  • Russia
  • Serbia
  • South Africa
  • Switzerland
  • Turkey
  • USA [Produces more .50 BMG rifles than all other nations combined. Thanks a lot, Ronnie Barrett. — ed]

His horns came in last week.This proliferation of anti-armor rifles can largely be blamed on the infamous Ronnie Barrett (pictured). We all remember his fantastic adventures, don’t we? He inspired and profited from the development of all other Terror Rifles.

The rapid spread of these weapons is why it is so important to halt foreign sales of .50 Caliber Terror Rifles to civilians; there is clear demand for them, therefore terrorists are likely to seek them out and buy them from Ronnie Barrett himself. However, we do not have to worry much about the other countries producing anti-armor rifles. China, Russia, Croatia, and Serbia are much more trustworthy than Ronnie Barrett. After all, it’s not like they’ve ever indiscriminately sold weapons before. It’s even less likely for a Law Enforcement Organization to buy these rifles and pass them off to terrorists.

In the next installment, we should have a new map on .50 Caliber Proliferation, displaying all countries buying and operating .50 Caliber Terror Rifles sourced from the Producer Countries.

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Ultimate Pocket Rocket

Posted by vpcadmin on March 7, 2008

The Gun Blobby will never be satisfied until they make handguns so compact and concealable that terrorist groups can sneak attack our fighting men and women, along with our police officers. Behold:

Holy Crap, look at that thing!  Goes right with .50 Caliber Terror Rifles.

Abso. Frickin’. Lutely. Deadly.

The bullet is as dangerous as the gun itself. The caliber is 0.09 inches (2.43 mm). It has a deadly energy level of 0.7154 foot-pounds (0.97 joules). For comparison, an air gun has a muzzle energy of 10 foot-pounds (13.55 joules). And those kill a number of people every year!

We surmise that this tiny “Swiss Mini Gun” would be a perfect accessory to the Barrett .50 Caliber Terror Rifle. Terrorists will undoubtedly carry both for security.

Hat tip to the Gun Guys. Without his good work, we never even would have thought such a gun could be deadly.

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Ronnie Barrett: Insidious Time Traveler

Posted by vpcadmin on March 3, 2008

The Evil Ronnie Barrett; there is no “Good Ronnie”.At last we come to the Master of Disaster, Ronnie Barrett. The “Official History” of Ronnie Barrett is that he created his .50 BMG Terror Rifle in the 1980s for the purpose of long-range target shooting. Carlos Hathcock had promoted the idea, but Barrett built a dedicated platform for the concept. Some people try to excuse this behavior, arguing that “anti-matériel” (in reality, anti-armor and anti-police) rifles have existed for nearly one hundred years.

The World Ends in 2038.The truth is that Ronnie has the ability to Quantum Leap. He went back in time to World War I and invented anti-armor rifles. His rifles were first used by the British to kill snipers advancing under steel plates and later used by the Germans to destroy tanks. Then, throughout the 1920s and 1930s, he invented even more deadly versions of his Terror Rifle. This included the PTRD, the model 35, the Lahti L-39, and many others. These rifles were used to destroy tanks, trucks, and even aircraft during World War II and the Korean War. As deadly as those were, somehow they weren’t deadly enough, and he continued searching for the perfect, even more deadly Terror Rifle.

After the 1968 Gun Control Act (Peace Be Upon It), restricting all firearms above .50 caliber, Barrett’s pyromaniacal desires had to be sated. He influenced Carlos Hathcock to use a .50 BMG rifle, so as to later motivate the military to buy his future rifles. Finally, in the 1980s, Ronnie Barret developed a rifle capable of hitting hard with great range of terror. And, best of all, it was perfectly legal for civilians to own.

Ronnie Barrett’s machinations have largely been successful, and society is paying the price for it. A proper legal response now is to implement numerous cumbersome federal laws upon all gun owners, such as:

  • Halt foreign sales of .50 BMG weapons.
  • Add all .50 BMG rifles to the NFA registry.
  • Bar Doctor Samuel Beckett from ever working on the Quantum Leap project. The Gun Blobbers may argue that this will create a time paradox, but it’s just Common Sense.

Truly, Ronnie Barrett is the Alpha and the Omega of anti-armor rifles. But, if these steps are followed, that can be prevented.

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Mauser Broomhandle: First Assault Pistol Ever

Posted by vpcadmin on March 1, 2008

Most deadly pistol ever.

In the year 1896, Winston Churchill invented the Mauser C96 in order to crush natives with greater efficiency. The nickname “Broomhandle” refers to the devastating wounds it produces. “[The] bullet… can be called a missile,” a book once said in an unrelated exposition. It fed from a ten or twenty rounds magazine and recharged using deadly stripper clips. Later, even more deadly detachable magazines were used.

It served as the inspiration for all other assault pistols, such as the MAC-10, TEC-9, and Glock. As we all know, the deadly secret of assault pistols is that their magazine is inserted in front of the trigger. The reason for this deadliness is that bullets gain extra power from the position of the magazine. Plus, a murderer could hold onto the magazine using his free hand, producing deadly firing stability.

An even more deadly advancement came in the 1930s, when it was modified to be a “machine pistol,” rapidly spraying bullets with a single press of the trigger. This is not to be confused with the even more deadly semi-automatic version, which is just as even more deadly as the full-automatic version. Both definitely are bullet hoses, despite what the Gun Blobbers say.

Poor, poor Greedo.

In 1977, this assault weapon found its way into the hit movie Star Wars. This was a propaganda coup for the Gun Blobby, indoctrinating a whole generation of children into desiring these deadly weapons. In this absurd and violent story, the fictional character Han Solo savagely murdered Greedo, a law enforcement officer, with this weapon. NRA-shill George Lucas tried to make it look like “self-defense” in his “special edition” version of Star Wars. But the VPC was able to put a stop to that with our “Han Shot First” campaign.

To honor his memory and prevent further tragedies, please make donations to VPC.org. In the future, the Brady Campaign will work with us to pass “Greedo’s Law” to protect police officers. Together, we will take these military weapons off the street!

And, kids, remember what Obi-Wan said: “Blasters [guns] are uncivilized.”

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John Browning: Dastardly Mormon

Posted by vpcadmin on February 28, 2008

John Browning.The patron-saint of all Gun Blobbers, John Browning invented numerous firearms and thus is the source of much of the world’s ills. Gun Blobbers idolize him because he represents someone who acted completely sane around firearms. We at the VPC Blog know this is a quality only to found in Law Enforcement Officers, thus his fanatics are deluding themselves.

Here is a sample list of his crimes:

  • Turned a lever-action rifle into an assault weapon. He probably used Black Magic in order to accomplish this feat.
  • From this, he designed the M1895 machine gun, and then the M2 machine gun.
  • The Browning Automatic Rifle. Truly a deadly assault weapon.
  • Created the the M1911 and Browning Hi-Power pistols, frequently used by gangsters.
  • He created six deadly pistol cartridges: .25 ACP*, .32 ACP, .38 ACP, .380 ACP, 9mm Browning Long, and .45 ACP.
  • And, worst of all, he created the .50 Caliber Browning Machine Gun cartridge.

As you can see, he is practically a war criminal. We’ve created a pie graph to display how many deaths are caused by John Browning. Invariably, all deaths are caused either by John Browning or by Glocks.

Proof of Browning’s Evil.Simplified pie graph of John Browning’s crimes.

It is the opinion of the VPC that everything John Browning touched should be destroyed: all guns based on his designs, his ancestral home, and the entire state of Utah. His family, up to three degrees removed, should be liquidated so that his genetic material may never harm society again.

*ACP stands for “Assault Combat Pistol.”

EDIT: Added a second pie graph. This one reduces the number of variables for ease of viewing.

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