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Mata Caballero

Posted by vpcadmin on July 10, 2008

For those not in the know, the title means “Knight Killer”. That’s the name that Spanish gangsters gave to the new breed of weapons capable of piercing platemail. These anti-armor handguns and rifles continue to show up on the streets of Madrid and Toledo. Of the many thousands confiscated, 90% can be tracked back to the United States. Spanish steel is no match for this threat.

This piece of armor encountered a thug with a "Mata Caballero".

This piece of armor encountered a thug with a "Mata Caballero".

The Founding Fathers knew about this and wanted it banned.

This rifle can pierce steel armor.

Concealable Mata Caballeros.

Concealable Mata Caballeros.

Gun Manufacturers continue to create increasingly powerful firearms capable of killing our brave knights. D.C. versus Heller proved that Reasonable Restrictions, such as restrictions on armor piercing ammunition, are constitutional. The VPC Blog recommends that all firearms capable of piercing platemail be banned from sale within the United States and restrictions placed on their export.

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NRA Shills: The New York Times

Posted by vpcadmin on July 2, 2008

In the aftermath of D.C. versus Heller, we at the VPC Blog have decided to go on the offensive, attacking anyone who ever paid lip service to the NRA extremists. First up, and surprisingly, is the New York Times.

While the New York Times largely supports our desire for Reasonable Gun Control, this was not always the case. Back in the year 1856, a reporter, undoubtedly receiving wheelbarrows full of cash, wrote a piece on the calling forth of the New York City militia:

According to the law of this State, every citizen is bound to parade once a year, “armed and equipped as the law directs,” excepting those for good and sufficient reasons.

The reporter acts like he expects the bulk of the people of New York City to be armed! And he calls them the “ununiformed militia”; probably a new Gun Blobber term for right-wing militia whackos. Fortunately, he also writes:

…It is the legal duty of the Captain of each company to notify all the citizens in his district to attend the parade. This is found to be almost impossible, and is the cause of much irregularity, as it often occurs that notices are served to those legally exempt…

…The majority of those who appeared on the street corners on Monday, were poor Germans and Irishmen who couldn’t afford to pay…

…and in no squad could we get more than two “armed and equipped as the law directs.”

…the proceeds are said to be equally divided among the organized companies for their benefit…

This proves Michael Bellesiles correct. There was no gun culture before the American Civil War. Sure, the Gun Blobbers will complain that a bunch of poor immigrants won’t bother paying for a relatively expensive musket or rifle, but we at the VPC Blog know the situation in New York City reflected the national view on arms.

And the article says nothing about handguns (a perfect weapon for city-living), so, according to the “Michael A. Bellesiles method of data gathering“, no handguns were owned by those immigrants, either.

We ask all our readers to mail the editors of the New York Times and demand a retraction to this 150 year old story. It reflects an endorsement of the extremist view of the Second Amendment and should be expunged from their archives.

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This Isn’t Over

Posted by vpcadmin on June 26, 2008

We’ll be back. The AHSA has already established itself as a sleeper cell in the Court’s sway. Next time, we’ll unleash them to cause holy hell. And we’ll get your little dog*, too.

Make sure to read Mike Magnum for all historically accurate information.

*”Dog” is the new street name for “assault weapons”.

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The Shills

Posted by vpcadmin on June 26, 2008

You know who you are. You received wheelbarrows full of cash.

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Posted by vpcadmin on June 26, 2008


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Shooting Sports Safe? Preposterous!

Posted by vpcadmin on June 16, 2008

Reasonable Copyright Violation is Constitutional.Our good friend Mike Magnum over at the Gun Guys discovered that the Gun Blobby claims the “shooting sports” are safe and enjoyable, as long as certain rules are followed. Needless to say, Mike Magnum tears that argument to pieces. It doesn’t matter if high schools and colleges had rifle teams in the past; that was the past. This is the future; we know what the hell we are doing. We also agree with his decision to violate the copyright of Oleg Volk. Gun Blobbers don’t deserve to profit from their creations.

Another kudos goes out to Mike Magnum, yet again, for his coverage of D.C. versus Heller. In this post, he explains that Second Amendment applies to the States only, obviously nullifying the Militia Act of 1792 and the Freedmen’s Bureau Act of 1866, both passed by Congress. He also discusses the bringing of assault pistols onto airplanes. We agree with his position and point new readers to our article on the first assault pistol ever made. Mauser C96 pistols definitely do not belong on airplanes.

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D.C. Versus Heller

Posted by vpcadmin on June 16, 2008

Victory is imminent; we expect a 9-0 decision in favor of D.C. Paul Helmke may pay lip service to the possibility of losing the case, but, in reality, he is quite confident of the outcome. Our forces are metaphorically preparing to cross the Rubicon and smash the NRA.

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Best. Movie. Ever.

Posted by vpcadmin on May 9, 2008

Runaway Jury is perhaps the preeminent movie of our times. It is so realistic and so truthful that the Brady Campaign holds a yearly showing during one of their fund-raisers.

Gun Lobby lawyers have headquarters like this.

Gene Hackman’s Gun Lobby Attorney character is based on noted lawyer Dave Hardy. It is a well-known fact that Dave Hardy has access to a supercomputer and a team of fifty people. He steals evidence and cracks open encrypted data all the time. This is, in part, why the Gun Blobby was able to overturn New York’s Reasonable Lawsuit against gun manufacturers.

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Video Games: We Hate Them, Too

Posted by vpcadmin on May 7, 2008

We at the VPC Blog acknowledge and respect the role of firearms in hunting*. However, children must never, ever touch a gun or even think about touching a gun. “Parental supervision” is just an NRA codeword for child abuse. It is even more sinister when abusive parents buy firearm-related video games for their children. In this case, the children are holding virtual firearms, learning how to spread death and destruction. Here are the offenders:

Clearly, the Gun Blobby is conspiring to brainwash our children and turn them into psychopaths. We suspect Remington (in coordination with Barrett Firearms) bought out Electronic Arts.

*See our forthcoming report: “200 Yards: The Maximum Need of Any Hunter”.

**Grand Theft Auto IV does not make the list because the NRA forgot to send its wheelbarrow of cash.

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A Good Start

Posted by vpcadmin on May 2, 2008

This forthcoming assault weapons ban in Louisiana is a good start at saving children’s lives. It’s also good to see that some intelligent legislators have seen the light regarding pump-action assault weapons. Now, all we have to do is add bolt-action rifles to that list…

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