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Mary McFate, Possibly the Reincarnation of Hitler?

Posted by vpcadmin on October 2, 2008

At the risk of reaching the depths of hyperbole and invoking Godwin’s Law, we must question the motivations of Mary McFate.  More importantly, Mike Magnum over at the Gun Guys must question the situation incessantly.  We at the VPC Blog just don’t understand why more people aren’t interested in this major event.

This is the greatest uncovering of an espionage conspiracy since Alger Hiss and the Rosenbergs.  It is unbelievable she got through Ceasefire’s impenetrable security of “asking for full names” and “volunteering for events”.

Later she gained a position of power in the Freedom States Alliance, which supports the the Gun Guys website.  Even worse, she had access to all their secret data, include Mike Magnum’s personal stash of pornography (stored conveniently in gunguys.com/adult, since removed).  If she got on the Brady Campaign’s board, she could have really thrown a wrench into our plot to destroy Constitutional Rights!

As Paul Helmke says, “we’re at a constant disadvantage because we’re honest”.  Remember that the next time .50 Caliber Terror Rifles take down a 747 or a .30-30 Winchester penetrates 600 pounds of safe armor.

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