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NRA Hypocritically Endorses McCain

Posted by vpcadmin on October 20, 2008

John McCain, who only earns a “C” from the NRA, has been endorsed by the National Rifle Association.  Clearly, they flip-flopped.  And it wasn’t just because John McCain was the mastermind of the McCain-Feingold Act which would hamper NRA efforts in fund-raising. The NRA always, and forever, hated John McCain.  Perhaps the pedants out there will say that the NRA endorsement of John McCain just proves how bad Obama is on guns.  Well, the VPC Blog says they’re racist for even suggesting that.  Obama is pro-sportsmen; the AHSA even says so!

McCain isn’t very representative of gun owners anyway. His crimes are:

  • Does not support an assault weapons ban.  (Assault weapons which terrorists use to kill cops and children.)
  • Endorsed the 5-4 decision in D.C. v Heller.  (A decision which defies all logic and reason.)
  • Supports the sale of cop-killing hunting ammunition.  (Caused by a loophole in the original bullet ban.)
  • Supports the sale of .30 caliber anti-aircraft ammunition.  (The deadly .303 Brit shot down numerous German aircraft during World War II.)
  • Picked Sarah Palin to be his Vice Presidential candidate. (An inexperienced moose hunter.  Everyone knows that real hunters don’t hunt moose.)
  • Has dared to question Barack’s position on guns.
  • Is not endorsed by the American Hunters and Shooters Association.

As we all know, Barack Obama supports all gun owners and has defended them on numerous occasions.  Why, he’s even defended them against the NRA, which doesn’t really represent gun owners like the AHSA.  If the NRA is so representative, why aren’t they doing anything about conservation?  Barack Obama will protect our wildlands, to the degree that even hunting will not be allowed.  Then, everyone can enjoy nature in the same way.

Why do you think Barack Obama joined the Joyce Foundation?  To protect hunters, of course!

(This message has been approved by the Sierra Club and the People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals.)

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NRA Loses a Million

Posted by vpcadmin on April 25, 2008

Members that is. Thanks to help from Google, our Lord and Savior Josh Sugarmann has discovered that the NRA lost a million members two years ago.

We’re pretty sure this means the tide is turning against the Gun Blobbers. After all, it is absolutely impossible that these ex-members became complacent due to a 2nd-Amendment-Friendly administration. It is also impossible that ex-members turned to local clubs and causes. Obviously, they all went and joined the AHSA because of the NRA’s extremist views. They will never, ever rejoin the NRA once Barack Obama, the AHSA-endorsed candidate, is elected President.

We here on the side of Reasonable Gun Control have a foolproof method for counting members: if you visit one of our websites, you are a member. Anyone who makes a donation is considered a Life Member. And anyone who volunteers at a protest is considered a Representative.

By this metric, we have over fifty million members. Let’s see the NRA beat that!

Hat tip to Mike Magnum@The Gun Guys. He’s doing God’s Work over there.

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New VPC Research

Posted by vpcadmin on April 9, 2008

Using the power of GoogleFight, we are able to accurately study current crime and political trends. This is a data collection method that is foolproof and can never be doubted.

Gun Control For the Win!

Gun control has over six million Google hits compared to a paltry five for “gun rights”. This proves that hunters and shooters are a dying breed. [However, if you are a hunter or shooter, feel free to join the AHSA. You won’t die out then, we promise –ed]

Assault rifles were always really called assault weapons.  Trust us.

Unlike what the Gun Blobbers claim, we did not invent the term “assault weapon”. This unbiased sample clearly shows that “assault weapon” outnumbers “assault rifle” by a 10,000:1 margin.

Ah, yes, more people like murder.

Clearly, due the NRA and the Gun Blobby, most people on the Internet believe that murder “is good”. This explains why homicides are up this year and why gun control is absolutely necessary.

Speaking of Gun Blobby, the “Blobby” seems to definitely outnumber the old Gun Lobby. Behold:

This was rather surprising.

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Shooting Sports in Decline, Sport of Murder Up

Posted by vpcadmin on February 27, 2008

The Gun Blobbers continue to falsely claim that the shooting sports are as healthy as ever. They claim we mangle the numbers to not adjust for population growth or that telephone polls can’t be trusted.

Well, there is one way to clear up this discrepancy: the Gun Blobbers count murder as part of the “shooting culture.” Their bloodlust is so great, they don’t even bother recognizing a difference between the two. They enjoy the flow of Blood in the Streets; it quenches their thirst.

Hat tip to Jadegold, the Enemy Ahab, and the Hillbilly SayUncle.

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Assault Weapon Auction

Posted by vpcadmin on February 27, 2008

Belatedly, we have learned that the Gun Blobbers have organized an auction of JFK’s M1 Garand. Their desire to put assault weapons on the streets to kill cops shows no bounds. They even dig up the memory of a long-dead President.

The Gun Blobbers also promote the lie that JFK was a lifetime member of the NRA. Sure, he may have actually had a member card, and yes, he may have written a letter to Eugene Stoner praising the M-16 and recommending that all American families purchase one, but Ted Kennedy’s hard work on behalf of sensible gun control certainly proves the opposite. After all, all brothers think exactly alike, thus we can assume that Ted Kennedy speaks for JFK.

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Elmer Keith is a Cop-Killer

Posted by vpcadmin on February 27, 2008

The Gun Blobbers put the inventors and engineers of these death machines on a pedestal. They hold Samuel Colt, John Browning, and Eugene Stoner in high regard. In a continuing series, the VPC Blog will examine each of these death makers in turn.

Elmer Keith was a boisterous cowboy and inventor of several deadly types of ammunition. He first invented the .357 Magnum at the request of police officers. The .357 Magnum could penetrate the primitive armor vests worn at the time. This obviously means he wanted to kill cops. The .357 Magnum went on to become one of the most common, and therefore deadly, firearms cartridges around.

Later, Elmer Keith created the .44 Magnum cartridge, an even more deadly form of his .357 Magnum. It went on to star in a series of Dirty Harry films, and kill numerous police officers on the streets.

Keith’s attempts at killing cops inspired many other devious gun makers. One group created the .454 Casull in 1959. This bullet moves so fast that it can penetrate a Kevlar vest. Another group of police “officers” invented a brass bullet to penetrate car windows, yet it could also penetrate Kevlar vests!

On top of this, the dastards invented these bullets before Kevlar vests were even created! How low will the Gun Blobby sink?

Special Thanks to The Gun Guys.

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Assault Weapon Terror

Posted by vpcadmin on February 27, 2008

Those crazy Gun Blobbers claim that they have a right to own dreaded Assault Weapons. They claim that we abused the term in order to score cheap political points, that most assault weapons count as heavy weapons or utilize explosive warheads. That it is a term so vague it can be used to ban almost anything we choose. Well, we think our dear leader Josh Sugarmann explained it best:

“Assault weapons—just like armor-piercing bullets, machine guns, and plastic firearms—are a new topic. The weapons’ menacing looks, coupled with the public’s confusion over fully automatic machine guns versus semi-automatic assault weapons—anything that looks like a machine gun is assumed to be a machine gun—can only increase the chance of public support for restrictions on these weapons. In addition, few people can envision a practical use for these weapons.”

-Josh Sugarmann, Assault Weapons and Accessories in America, 1988

That should clear up the NRA Liars rumor. Assault weapons clearly are machine guns.

Additionally, the Gun Blobbers try to use technical information to hide the facts about assault weapons. One lie is that assault weapons are only marginally faster than Lee-Enfield bolt-action rifles. Well, we say Lee-Enfield rifles are assault weapons as well. A bolt-action assault weapon, such as the Lee-Enfield, can fire at a frightening rate of 20-30 rounds per minute, with an absolute maximum rate of 38 rounds per minute. An M1 Garand, a semi-automatic assault weapon, can fire from 16-24 rounds per minute. The Lee-Enfield is therefore 25% even more deadly than all other assault weapons.

However, the M1 Garand also has a maximum rate of fire of 50 unaimed shots per minute. That makes all semi-automatic assault weapons even more deadly than bolt-action assault weapons. The ability to fire unaimed shots is truly what differentiates minor assault weapons (the Lee-Enfield) from major assault weapons (the M1 Garand).

It goes without saying, lever-action and pump-action rifles are in the middle of the deadliness scale.

Hat tip to Jadegold.

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.50 Caliber Terror

Posted by vpcadmin on February 27, 2008

Delving right into things, let’s talk about the evil .50 BMG weapon. The NRA and their bigoted cohorts known as the Gun Lobby Gun Bloggers (hereafter referred to as “Gun Blobbers”) make excuses for the existence of such a weapon. They claim that, technically, more powerful rifles can be made and, in fact, have been made. They also claim that it is incredibly unlikely that a jet airliner could suffer enough damage to bring it down, or that a terrorist likely won’t even hit the target. They further question how we can be sure a terrorist would even target a jetliner with a rifle of such limited power.

Here is our answer:

Because we say so.

Let’s look at some facts. A .50 BMG round can:

  • Crack an engine block.
  • Crack the engine of a plane and, absolutely positively, kill everyone on board easily.
  • Kill Superman.

Yes, the Man of Steel can be easily killed by this bullet. The .50 BMG round can penetrate over one inch of steel. Superman’s skin is only the equivalent of half-an-inch of steel armor. Lex Luthor is sure to buy this weapon, kill Superman, then shoot down a hundred airliners, including Air Force One. With Superman dead, they’ll be no one available to save those airliners from crashing. Our most vital component of aviation safety will have been disabled.

Ronnie Barrett must therefore be barred from making these firearms ever again.

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Posted by vpcadmin on February 27, 2008

This is the first post for the VPC blog. I hope we’ll have a good long relationship in exposing the lies and deceit of the NRA and gun lobby.

Together, we will triumph over adversity and speak truth to power!

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