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Centro De la Política De la Violencia


The VPC Blog is here to educate the unwashed masses about the glory of the VPC and all our beliefs.  Beliefs are important, for they are the only way to save The Children.  We will provide commentary on events in the news and on blogs, as well as provide additional on the reports found on VPC.org.

12 Responses to “About”

  1. cREbralFIX said

    I really need to inform you about another extremely dangerous bullet: the 17 HMR!

    This round is so deadly that they named this monstrosit the 17 Human Massacre Round! Its small size was specially designed to slip between HUMAN RIBS to cause devastating wounds. The infamous Ruger 10/22 could be converted to fire this evil bullet.

    Please take the time to do some thorough research into this newest threat so the public may be properly warned.



  2. You should also be aware of another Gun Whacko website — http://www.gunbloggers.com/ it tracks a whole mess of thore right wing gun nut blogs and ranks their postings by popularity!

  3. Jeff said

    Enjoying your site.

    Just as an fyi, Sportsmen for Obama? is a ‘gun whacko’ site, as opposed to a ‘good guy’ by your examples on the right.

    It is a common mistake to leave the ‘?’ off of the site name. Unfortunately, special characters are not allowed in urls.

  4. vpcadmin said

    “Sportsmen for Obama?” informs all readers about the Obama’s efforts to protect our cities from gun violence. It clearly belongs under “Good Guys” because it is very informative for that purpose.

  5. todd said

    are you guy serious?!! do some research for gods sake. i had to damn near slap myself when i read that the .50AE is only slightly less powerful than .50BMG! the .50AE makes less than 1/3rd the energy the .50 bmg does. its effective range is only MAYBE 100yards, the .50 BMG dosent even get started until 1000yrds. and ronnie barrett is a patriot. his invention has saved countless american lives. maybe you folks should thank him for securing your right to publish the incredulous, ignorant and inflammatory comments you make about him. just because you have the freedom of speech, dosent mean you need to weild it so irresponsibly. im disgusted and ashamed that “americans” would be so stupid.

  6. todd said

    oh and the .17 HMR (hornady magnum rimfire) was designed to shoot varmint. prarie dog, rats, etc. whoever wrote that its the human massacre round, should kill themselves immediately.

  7. todd said

    are you guys for real?! LMAO for the children?!
    BRILLIANT!!!!! and seriously? the picture of greedo? c’mon…………c’mon. han shot first.

  8. todd said

    holy shit. ronnie barrett cannot travel through time. now i know you guys are a joke. dont moderate my comments either, dick.

  9. angry todd said

    you turds took down my posts!! i should have expected this from a bunch of vegan hipster liberals pussies. seriously though. the “human massacre round?!” and ronnie barrett cannot travel through time. you guys are douche bag idiot assholes. you should go slit your wrists, or a better turn of irony would be to put a bullet in your skull.

  10. Mason said

    OHHHHH I GET IT NOW. you guys are here to discredit the REAL VPC. You’re doing god’s work, men!

  11. Salty NJ Gun Nut said

    Per Genius.

  12. Jersey City Kid said

    Holy Smokes! Doesn’t BMG = *Bodily Mutilation Guaranteed*?

    Now we can’t have a weapon that does that!

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