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Armor Piercing, Redux

Posted by vpcadmin on April 30, 2008

Apparently, the French Gun Blobby is just as devilish as the American Gun Blobby. Check out these French armor piercing bullets.

Holy crap, what are those things?

These are some of the much feared armor piercing bullets that the NRA supports owning. Just to be safe, these should be double-banned: once for being armor-piercing, and again for being ugly. Clearly, the deadliness is just too great.

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NRA Loses a Million

Posted by vpcadmin on April 25, 2008

Members that is. Thanks to help from Google, our Lord and Savior Josh Sugarmann has discovered that the NRA lost a million members two years ago.

We’re pretty sure this means the tide is turning against the Gun Blobbers. After all, it is absolutely impossible that these ex-members became complacent due to a 2nd-Amendment-Friendly administration. It is also impossible that ex-members turned to local clubs and causes. Obviously, they all went and joined the AHSA because of the NRA’s extremist views. They will never, ever rejoin the NRA once Barack Obama, the AHSA-endorsed candidate, is elected President.

We here on the side of Reasonable Gun Control have a foolproof method for counting members: if you visit one of our websites, you are a member. Anyone who makes a donation is considered a Life Member. And anyone who volunteers at a protest is considered a Representative.

By this metric, we have over fifty million members. Let’s see the NRA beat that!

Hat tip to Mike Magnum@The Gun Guys. He’s doing God’s Work over there.

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Civil War Terror

Posted by vpcadmin on April 24, 2008

The Gun Blobbers could not be satisfied with the terrible destructive power of .50 BMG rifles. Their insanity demanded it be taken one step further. Behold, a “hunting rifle” with a two-inch bore:

Danger to humanity.

It’s pretty obvious you can’t hunt with this, yet the Gun Blobbers insist on their “right” to own such a monstrosity. Cannons such as these have over 100,000 foot-pounds* of power, while .50 BMG rifles only have 15,000 foot-pounds of power. It goes without saying that cannons of such power can easily knock down helicopters, especially when they employ the dreaded “canister shot”**.

Victim of the Gun Blobby.

Fact: civilians in the United States can own cannons with very little regulation. They come in a variety of sizes: 1-inch, 2-inch, 3-inch, and even 6-inch bores. However, the most disturbing of all is the “Parrot Rifle”:

The Branch Davidians had one of these.

It has over 1.3 million foot-pounds of even-more-deadly energy. It’s an anti-fort weapon for Christ’s sake! And any child in America could go out and buy one!

The answer is clear: we must shut down Dixie Gun Works and any other so-called “cannon manufacturer”. It’s the only way to make sure terrorists don’t get their hands on one of these.

Edited to Add: Hat tip to our good friend Mike Magnum @ The Gun Guys.

*Foot-pounds is a unit of force that indicates how many people will be maimed by firearms.

**So named because a person’s remains will fit into a canister.

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Slander! Libel!

Posted by vpcadmin on April 23, 2008

This is just the kind of boorish behavior we expect of the Gun Blobbers. The fact of the matter is: we’re the only ones who have Bob Ricker’s phone tapped.

In other news, the primary in Pennsylvania went swimmingly. We backed both Democratic candidates, so there was no real loss. Anyone who says otherwise is an NRA shill.

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Kansas Death Bill Signed

Posted by vpcadmin on April 22, 2008

We predict that 95% of the population of Kansas will be dead within three years. Via Say Uncle.

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Practical Shooting = Practical MURDER

Posted by vpcadmin on April 16, 2008

“Practical Shooting” is codeword for murder training among the Gun Blobbosphere.

The Gun Blobbers like to claim it is actually a form of self-defense training. In reality, it is combat training. You may wonder why this form of combat training involves individuals instead of groups. Well, the army slogan is “Army of One,” meaning that assault weapons make each soldier the equivalent of an army. Everyone knows that the Army doesn’t train in groups anymore. SWAT teams don’t bother training in groups, either. It’s all “practical shooting,” nowadays.

It doesn’t matter if individual police officers attend the same schools as “normies,” it still is a form of death training. People are training to kill. We have created a “chart of death” to display the various shooting schools and their level of murder.
Cowboy Action is twice as deadly as deerhunting training.

As you can see, all those schools have higher murder levels than deerhunting. Sniper schools* produce at least four times as much death as deerhunting. “Practical Shooting” leads the pack with a whopping 800% increase of death-dealing over deerhunting.

You may remember, in the shotshow.pdf report, we mentioned a study that found handgun users:

! are ignorant of—or ignore—basic handgun safety rules;
! do not have the necessary handgun combat marksmanship skills to effectively defend
themselves without harming innocent others; and,
! are not prepared for the extreme physiological and psychological effects that the
experts, many of whom have on-the-street law enforcement experience with firearms,
agree inevitably occur in an armed life-or-death confrontation (the only situation in
which lethal force is justified in self-defense)

It’s very important to shut down these schools. If people become proficient in self-defense, it increases their ability to actually defend themselves. And we can’t have that.

*Sniper training just like Ronnie Barrett provides. [He makes us so angry. –ed]

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“Completely Accurate”

Posted by vpcadmin on April 16, 2008

We couldn’t agree more about the Damned Rednecks and their “civil rights”. Read the whole thing at the Gun Guys

[Joyce Foundation 4 Life. –ed]

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Assault Weapons Guide: Pistol Grips

Posted by vpcadmin on April 11, 2008

Yet again, we delve into the topic of assault weapons. The most deadly feature of assault weapons is the veritable pistol grip found on these rifles. They permit the user to “shoot from the hip” John Wayne-style. With a handgun, a killer can shoot from the hip all he wants and hose down an area. With a rifle, the damage is surely double. [Just to be safe, we’ll be banning handguns as well. –ed]

This topic doesn’t require much discussion, however, the Gun Blobby is incessant in its chatter. They hold up so-called facts and figures to try to counter us. Well, we say they are full of B.S. We will examine a host of these claims.

Claim #1: There are other types of pistol grips, called “pistol grip stocks”. (Illustrated by the picture below.)

The Founding Fathers knew about this and wanted it banned.

The Gun Blobbers have a point. That grip is ergonomic enough to permit firing from the hip. Therefore, the VPC Blog recommends that it be banned.

Claim #2: Pistol grips aren’t needed on handheld machine guns (see picture of UD M42).
No pistol grip, but it is an assault weapon?!

A-ha! They screwed up once again! The UD-42 does contain a forward pistol grip, thus legitimizing the Assault Weapon Grip Theory.

Claim #3: Extended pistol grips aren’t needed to shoot from the hip.

This is a Gun Blobber trick.God damn B.A.R.

An unpossible shooting from the hip.

Well, the first two don’t matter, because, as we discussed, pistol grip stocks are exactly the same as extended pistol grips. And the last one is purely fictional. That shot was produced using camera tricks, mirrors, CGI, and digital editing.

So, in conclusion, the Gun Blobbers just can’t seem to cut it, argument-wise. The VPC wins again!

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New VPC Research

Posted by vpcadmin on April 9, 2008

Using the power of GoogleFight, we are able to accurately study current crime and political trends. This is a data collection method that is foolproof and can never be doubted.

Gun Control For the Win!

Gun control has over six million Google hits compared to a paltry five for “gun rights”. This proves that hunters and shooters are a dying breed. [However, if you are a hunter or shooter, feel free to join the AHSA. You won’t die out then, we promise –ed]

Assault rifles were always really called assault weapons.  Trust us.

Unlike what the Gun Blobbers claim, we did not invent the term “assault weapon”. This unbiased sample clearly shows that “assault weapon” outnumbers “assault rifle” by a 10,000:1 margin.

Ah, yes, more people like murder.

Clearly, due the NRA and the Gun Blobby, most people on the Internet believe that murder “is good”. This explains why homicides are up this year and why gun control is absolutely necessary.

Speaking of Gun Blobby, the “Blobby” seems to definitely outnumber the old Gun Lobby. Behold:

This was rather surprising.

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Posted by vpcadmin on April 2, 2008

He needs to shoot down planes in order to live.

That skunk sprayed you good. We have to hose you down.

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