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Armor Piercing, Redux

Posted by vpcadmin on April 30, 2008

Apparently, the French Gun Blobby is just as devilish as the American Gun Blobby. Check out these French armor piercing bullets.

Holy crap, what are those things?

These are some of the much feared armor piercing bullets that the NRA supports owning. Just to be safe, these should be double-banned: once for being armor-piercing, and again for being ugly. Clearly, the deadliness is just too great.

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New VPC Research

Posted by vpcadmin on April 9, 2008

Using the power of GoogleFight, we are able to accurately study current crime and political trends. This is a data collection method that is foolproof and can never be doubted.

Gun Control For the Win!

Gun control has over six million Google hits compared to a paltry five for “gun rights”. This proves that hunters and shooters are a dying breed. [However, if you are a hunter or shooter, feel free to join the AHSA. You won’t die out then, we promise –ed]

Assault rifles were always really called assault weapons.  Trust us.

Unlike what the Gun Blobbers claim, we did not invent the term “assault weapon”. This unbiased sample clearly shows that “assault weapon” outnumbers “assault rifle” by a 10,000:1 margin.

Ah, yes, more people like murder.

Clearly, due the NRA and the Gun Blobby, most people on the Internet believe that murder “is good”. This explains why homicides are up this year and why gun control is absolutely necessary.

Speaking of Gun Blobby, the “Blobby” seems to definitely outnumber the old Gun Lobby. Behold:

This was rather surprising.

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Triangle of Death, Supplemental

Posted by vpcadmin on March 10, 2008

How triangular.  It is reminiscent of the Holy Trinity.  It’s also 160 KB large because we were lazy and didn’t cut out unnecessary information.

Due to popular demand, the Triangle of Death animation has been revised. It now represents a more correct series of events:

  1. The NRA delivers wheelbarrows of cash to the Gun Blobbers. Their filthy lucre typically takes the form of non-sequentially numbered ten-dollar bills. On other occasions, the NRA holds rigged raffles that dole out wheelbarrows of ammunition or Krugerrands.
  2. The Gun Blobbers use the money to buy guns. This helps firearms manufacturers bribe Congressmen for votes on gun control bills. When sober, Gun Blobbers write long, threatening letters and blog posts to their Representatives, hoping to effect change.
  3. Congress passes laws protecting the NRA and its firearm-manufacturing pals. No longer can they be arbitrarily sued in a court of law. [Dammit –ed]

Hopefully, this new triangle makes more sense than the old triangle. Looking back, it was just ridiculous that “corrupt gun dealers” could ever be a vital component of the NRA.

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Blood in the Forests

Posted by vpcadmin on March 7, 2008

The Gun Blobby wants this Precious Squirrel to die!Not content to merely have blood flowing through the streets, the Gun Blobbers insist on their “right” to carry in National Parks and Forests. They claim that there are numerous threats to visitors from animals and human criminals. We say that no danger is great enough to justify carrying a firearm. Let those crimes occur! Let people be killed and maimed! It’s so important to do this that we have to override prevailing State concealed carry laws.

Some readers may be confused since this contradicts our association with the Freedom States Alliance, a group that supports individual States passing stringent gun control laws in addition to Federal laws.

Let us be clear, the VPC doesn’t care about States’ Rights or Federalism; it’s just about winning. If we can win via a Federal law, then that’s good. But, if we can only get individual States to enact gun control, then that’s acceptable as well. It’s even better if we can screw over those pro-gun States like Montana and Alaska. We hate those States. That’s why the National Parks Gun Ban is so important. It hurts those large western States that have huge areas controlled by the Federal government. And it even hurts cities and suburbs since some National Parks exist within urban areas. That’s a win-win for gun control.

Hate tip to the Gun Guys.

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Ultimate Pocket Rocket

Posted by vpcadmin on March 7, 2008

The Gun Blobby will never be satisfied until they make handguns so compact and concealable that terrorist groups can sneak attack our fighting men and women, along with our police officers. Behold:

Holy Crap, look at that thing!  Goes right with .50 Caliber Terror Rifles.

Abso. Frickin’. Lutely. Deadly.

The bullet is as dangerous as the gun itself. The caliber is 0.09 inches (2.43 mm). It has a deadly energy level of 0.7154 foot-pounds (0.97 joules). For comparison, an air gun has a muzzle energy of 10 foot-pounds (13.55 joules). And those kill a number of people every year!

We surmise that this tiny “Swiss Mini Gun” would be a perfect accessory to the Barrett .50 Caliber Terror Rifle. Terrorists will undoubtedly carry both for security.

Hat tip to the Gun Guys. Without his good work, we never even would have thought such a gun could be deadly.

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