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Neighborhood Air Defense

Posted by vpcadmin on February 29, 2008

Ah, the NRA and the Gun Blobby loves it when people own destructive military weaponry.

Why, look at this picture of an NRA-approved neighborhood watch assaulting a jetliner carrying hundreds of puppies.

God damn NRA.

That’s just one part of the military manual that recommends using .50 BMG rifles to shoot down aircraft. It even states, “Small arms fire against aerial platforms can be effective.”

But, the Gun Blobbers protest, “In those pictures, they use multiple machine guns. And the manual doesn’t even mention .50 BMG rifles, yet it sees fit to mention using tank guns and anti-tank missiles.” Look, all assault weapons are the same, particularly if the use the same caliber. If that manual says a .30 caliber machine gun can shoot down an aircraft, then, logically, a .30 caliber sniper rifle or assault weapon can perform the same feat. The same goes for the .50 BMG.

“But snipers are highly skilled and trained units,” they complain, “Any hits by a novice would be due to pure luck.” A-ha! So, they admit an aircraft can be hit by ground fire. That means it’s only a matter of time until an aircraft gets shot down.

“But the chances of that happening are like losing an entire plane to a bird strike,” they clarify. Yes, but it can happen. They’ve admitted it. It’s over. Besides, during World War II, the Finns and Russians shot down aircraft using their anti-police rifles anyway.

“But we don’t know all the facts regarding those alleged shoot-downs,” they go on, “They may have shot the pilot, or used high explosive ammo, or it could be propaganda. We don’t know for sure.” Details, details! Details don’t change the facts. At the very least, helicopters face extreme danger from .50 BMG rifles.

To which they respond, “But helicopters are weak as shit. You could knock most down with a large rock. That’s why they have higher loss-ratios than fixed-wing aircraft. If a helicopter is not moving, you can hit the pilot using any sort of rifle.” Silly Gun Blobbers, terrorists aren’t smart enough to aim for pilots, but they most certainly are smart enough to aim for rotors and engines.

“All we’re saying is, it’s not an anti-aircraft gun,” they interject. Of course it is. Shut up.

In closing, don’t be haters. VPC4Life.

6 Responses to “Neighborhood Air Defense”

  1. Nice blog you’ve got here.

    Is it satire?

    Because if you’re serious, I’d like to added to the “Gun Whackos” list on your right sidebar.

  2. It’s a testament to our gunny-ness that we only need one .50 cal semi-automatic rifle to bring down an airplane when it took our parents and grandparents a to even come close to downing a plane.

    I’m so glad to love guns.

  3. Hmm, didn’t get those tags right. I was talking about a Quad-50 of course.

    Preview is my friend….

  4. Michael said

    OK, I’m confused. You are bashing the gun lobby, yet your single source for your blog entry is a Department of Defense military manual? That is not related whatsoever to the gun lobby? That makes no sense at all.

  5. Ambulance Driver wrote:

    “Nice blog you’ve got here.

    “Is it satire?

    “Because if you’re serious, I’d like to added to the “Gun Whackos” list on your right sidebar.”

    Add me to the list. http://madhatter907.blogspot.com

    I’ll add this one to my birdcage list.

  6. juris imprudent said

    You should note, but of course you already know this, that all .30 calibers have the same degree of deadliness. So, not only is a .30 caliber machine gun deadly, but so is the .30 caliber carbine, not to mention the grand-daddy of repeat-fire deadliness, the 30-30.

    Keep up the good work.

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